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Spring ’19 Release Notes: Quick Wins for the Nonprofit User

This image just about sums up how we feel about the release notes.

It’s an exciting time in the Salesforce ecosystem with the release of the Spring ’19 notes. Here’s a cherry-picking of the features that are easy to set up (if at all) for the the nonprofit Salesforce administrator:

Pinned List Views

Is the “recently viewed” list view irrelevant to your job? You can now jump right into the list view that matters by pinning the list.

Save on Data Storage
  1. Enjoy increased data storage!
  2. And if that’s not enough, do you have records upon records of historical data, which you need to keep, taking up valuable data storage? (Think: years of tax receipts for Canadian charities.) If you need these records for viewing purposes only, you can now easily create big objects to store your records using less storage space. And getting it up and running is as easy as following the setup wizard.
Don’t Have NPSP and Missed Out on Engagement Plans?

Don’t worry. Salesforce is releasing a similar feature called sales cadences. You can now build best practices around interacting with your constituents by setting up consistent, scheduled activities such as sending emails and making calls.

Step Up Your Reporting Game
  1. You may no longer need a third party reporting tool to dive across multiple objects, now that you can create joined reports in Lightning.
  2. Conditional formatting in reports highlights what matters most. Use this feature to shine the spotlight on a particular gift officer’s efforts in getting donations or highlight the need for all the volunteer shifts that need to be filled.
  3. Nonprofit organizations are continually evolving due to high turnover or rapid growth. Keeping report subscription lists up to date may be an afterthought amidst all these changes. No more worries, instead of subscribing specific users to reports, you can now subscribe roles and groups.

Want to preview the releases? Sign up for a Spring ’19 Pre-Release org here.

Written by Lynda En, Solutions Architect at Traction on Demand.

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