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Build a Team of Supercharged Sales Reps with the Expanded Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you’re on the Salesforce platform, you may have already implemented Sales Cloud to begin with, while adopting Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Communities and other components soon after. But beyond building out an organization-wide platform, Salesforce has quietly continued to enhance the functionality of their original Sales Cloud offering, which many organizations aren’t aware of yet.

Through both acquisition and further development of native functionality, Sales Cloud has given sales organizations, and sales reps, the tools to sell more – faster, better and easier. The new features of the Expanded Salesforce Sales Cloud are what will kick the sales process into high gear, creating the next generation of supercharged sales reps:

When Lightning was announced at Dreamforce 2015, business users weren’t sure of the impact it would have on them, but we now know the impact will be significant. Lightning will transform how your sales reps interact with Salesforce, both in the office and on the road. The new UI will not only provide a more intuitive and mobile-consistent design, which is graphically more appealing, but it will also allow businesses to build reusable application components faster than ever.

Lightning is the future so if you don’t already have it, get on board.

Pardot and Salesforce Engage
When Salesforce acquired both ExactTarget (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud) and Pardot in 2013, many people were unsure of what the differences were and when a business would choose one platform over the other. The simple answer is that if your marketing efforts end in passing a lead to sales, Pardot is your platform of choice. With Pardot, you can ensure the most qualified leads are passed to sales through tailoring the scoring and grading model, and providing them with actionable insights.

In 2015, Pardot released Salesforce Engage. Engage allows sales reps to set and send their own tailored email campaigns to their contacts directly through Salesforce. This ultimately gives sales the tracking and reporting capabilities that were once only accessible by marketing. Not to mention the ROI insights gained on which campaigns and marketing efforts result in the greatest pipeline generation and closed revenue.

Salesforce IQ
With massive amounts of valuable sales-related data living in the inboxes of individual sales reps, it’s often difficult for business leaders to understand the full scope and status of an opportunity or sales cycle. Salesforce IQ looks to not only capture that data, to provide a more accurate view of a company’s sales pipeline, but it also intelligently surfaces the deals that require immediate attention through data-driven insights.

By automating the data entry process, Salesforce IQ reduces the amount of time reps spend manually entering info into their CRM, letting them focus on closing deals.

Traction Hierarchies and Traction Complete are data specific products by Traction on Demand.
We all know the tedious process sales reps often go through to collect relevant data for new prospects or customers. They’ll dig through multiple sources like Salesforce, LinkedIn and Google, only to be presented with old, stale data. Salesforce acquired in 2010 and, since then, offerings have continued to grow and support better lead management processes, data and lead enrichment, enhanced prospecting and more.

Side Note 1: Traction on Demand has developed two data specific products, Traction Hierarchies (whitespace account identifier) and Traction Complete (lead enrichment). Both offerings leverage and are available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Side Note 2: Traction performed the org merge for Jigsaw and Salesforce.

SteelBrick CPQ
SteelBrick has been an integral part of the Salesforce ecosystem for almost a decade. Acquired by Salesforce earlier this year, SteelBrick has grown from a configure, price, quote (CPQ) software to a full quote-to-cash solution with the addition of a billing component in 2015. Bundling products or services, building quotes and invoicing the customer has never been an easy process, especially for those organizations with thousands of offerings. SteelBrick takes that entire process and simplifies it so reps can easily deliver accurate, timely, branded quotes.

Written by Kevin Murray, Manager of Marketing Alliances.
Written by Kevin Murray, Manager of Marketing Alliances.

As CRM and Sales Cloud form the core of the platform, it is clear Salesforce will continue to invest in building out their lead-to-cash solutions to continuously evolve and meet the changing needs of sales teams. If your organization is looking to invest in supercharging your sales teams, we recommend looking into the applications and components listed above, while keeping your ear out for new functionality and acquisitions to come.

Download this information as a pdf: Supercharge Your Sales Team.

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