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Salesforce Spring ’17 Release Notes: 3 Golden Nuggets at the End of the Rainbow

It’s fitting that Salesforce is going with rainbow imagery this spring because there are treasures to be found at the end of it.  With the Spring ’17 Release Notes it would appear that Lightning is making big jumps to catch up with the functionality that we know, love and have come to expect from Salesforce Classic.

As always, we recommend that you take a look through the release notes in their entirety but in the meantime, here are some features that we are excited about at Traction on Demand.

1. Lead field mapping
New to both Lightning and Classic, this is an exciting feature that enables you to map information captured on your lead records across multiple objects. Now, you can display all that important information captured on a lead on the contact, account and opportunity records.

2. Web-to-lead forms
The addition of the reCAPTCHA widget on web-to-lead forms will help prevent spambots from infiltrating your important leads, allowing your teams to focus on the leads that really count. Turn this on and add a reCAPTCHA box to your form to make sure that anyone submitting a form is a human rather than a spammer.

resize recaptcha screenshot


3. Scheduled reporting
Another feature that we know and love in Classic is now available in Lightning. Schedule your favourite and most important reports to arrive in your inbox at the time and frequency of your choice. Scheduled reporting provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions and take data-driven actions without having to dig through your expansive report folder.

The future is Lightning Knowledge
The gap between Classic Knowledge and Lightning Knowledge is still big; however, the Spring ’17 Release Notes have given us some insight into the direction that Knowledge is heading.

We’re excited about Lightning Knowledge, as this change gives Knowledge the functionality of other objects by removing the clunky article types and replacing these with record types, providing a familiar Knowledge homepage and improving search functionality. It certainly isn’t the finished article (excuse the British pun) but it is great to see where it is heading.

But be warned. Once you turn Lightning Knowledge on, you can’t switch back to Classic Knowledge! Find out more about Lightning Knowledge in the release notes and, if you are thinking about making the switch, test, test and test some more in a sandbox before putting it into production.

If you want to learn more about how these and other features may benefit your Salesforce org, please get in touch with our experts here.

jack mercer headshot cropWritten by Jack Mercer, Cloud Technologist at Traction on Demand.

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