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Case File #10: In the Matter of Salesforce in the Legal Sector

“Order! Order in your data!”

Alright, we admit that we have no say over what happens in the courtroom. However, we believe that law firms could change the way they manage their data to better engage with clients.

Please allow us to present our case.

Opening Statement

Law firms often rely on disparate systems to manage each aspect of their client relationships. There’s a system to track client matters (i.e. cases and business intelligence), communication platforms, individual spreadsheets and more. With no way to tie all this data to together, it can lead to disorder and inefficiency.

Building a complete understanding of each account on a single platform provides law firms with a competitive advantage that enables them to:

  • Better understand the strength of a client’s relationships with the partners.
  • Communicate with clients in a targeted fashion.
  • Create meaningful reports and metrics to drive business decisions.
Aaron Zuccolin
Aaron Zuccolin, Managing Director at Traction on Demand

Leveraging the Salesforce platform, we believe law firms can improve the way they work with their clients. “With the ability to connect to core firm systems, Salesforce guarantees attorneys and staff have access to a complete view of their accounts and related matters to drive higher engagement, whether they are in the office or on their phones,” says Aaron Zuccolin, Managing Director and Legal Industry Subject Matter Expert at Traction.

Cross-Examining Your Data

It’s easy to miss important details and connections between the data when operating across multiple systems. Salesforce keeps each client’s entire history with the firm in one place. At a glance, attorneys and staff can:

  • See practice areas clients have engaged with and where cross-practice opportunities exist.
  • Understand the strength of a client’s relationships with the firm’s attorneys.
  • Identify which clients are the largest and most profitable referral sources.
  • Track important data points on each client to drive the conversation.

With this insight in one place, partners won’t waste time asking questions that have already been answered and can increase efficiency by learning from the client’s past engagements with the firm. This helps attorneys walk into each client meeting prepared and armed with the most relevant information.

Admissible Evidence for Targeted Marketing

In understanding a client’s history with your firm, you can leverage your data and Salesforce’s marketing platforms to send targeted communications. Knowing how a client works with your firm allows you to:

  • Send automatic reminders to clients when it is time to renew their representation agreements.
  • Assign Salesforce tasks for partners to follow up with clients at critical times.
  • Highlight whitespaces in their representation across practices, so you can cross-sell additional services.

Automating these marketing efforts ensures your clients receive the right messaging at the right time while improving the way your firm engages with each client.

Testimony from Custom Reports

Reporting and dashboards help partners visualize how their work is directly impacting the firm. In a few clicks, you can create and share Salesforce reports that enable partners to understand and visualize key metrics, such as:

  • Clients’ lifetime value in legal services.
  • New business brought on by each partner.
  • Fees charged by practice groups.

Introducing reporting will help your firm better understand the overall health of the business and make informed, data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and profitability.

The Verdict

Using the Salesforce platform, law firms can make connections between the information that was once held in different systems, spreadsheets, and notebooks. With the data working together, your firm will gain a comprehensive understanding of each account to help attorneys make informed decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

Contact us today to see how Salesforce could help your law firm connect with clients in a meaningful way.

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