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Salesforce Care: What You Need to Know and How We Can Help

Salesforce Care: What You Need to Know and How We Can Help

Written by

Devon Houle

Director of Alliances, Traction on Demand

In keeping true to their commitment to support customers, partners and community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Salesforce announced late last week that they were expanding their Salesforce Care program.

This latest announcement is in response to organizations needing to be able to stay connected to their employees and customers more than ever before. These solutions are enabling organizations to communicate effectively, increase their inbound capacity and deliver content quickly.

All solutions are being made available for 90 days free to current customers and non-customers.

What is Salesforce Care?

Salesforce Care is a set of free solutions designed to help organizations respond rapidly during the COVID-19 crisis – helping them stay connected to customers and employees, even when everyone is working remotely. The full set of Salesforce Care solutions are available immediately, with minimal set up to deliver value quickly. For full details on solutions available and how to gain access check out the full press release here.

We’re here to support

Do you have questions about how these offerings can support your unique challenges? How do these solutions translate to your industry? What happens after the 90-day free trial? Traction on Demand’s industry experts and principal strategists are available to answer these questions and support your organization through these changes. We’ve also developed a number of complementary packages that look to extend the value of the core Salesforce Care offerings. Get in touch to learn more.

In addition, Salesforce is offering their support 24/7. All of their online resources can be found here.

Collectively, with our clients and partners, we’ve introduced multiple tools and applications to help our global community better navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Find out more about our Salesforce Care offering and other COVID-19 tools here.

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