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Q&A: Traction Rec and the JCC Connection

Lara Gilchrist is flanked by Traction Rec colleagues John McInnes (left), Solutions Engineer, and Andrew Rogers, VP of Business Development. Squint and you may see a pool in the background.

Members of the Traction Rec team recently returned from sunny Orlando, Florida after a week at the JCC Professional Conference, a biennial gathering of all of North America’s Jewish Community Centers. Traction Rec was featured during a panel session on how CRMs are transforming the way recreation management facilities operate.

Traction Rec has a special relationship with the JCC community, and here to explain is Lara Gilchrist, VP of Enablement with Traction Rec!

Hey Lara, great tan (we kid, we kid). Can you briefly summarize what ProCon was all about?

I had the privilege to attend my first JCC ProCon. Over 500 JCC professionals came together to learn, share and challenge one another. It was an amazing experience to see so many people come together with an openness and desire to improve their communities.

What value was Traction Rec able to provide at ProCon 2019?

Traction Rec was invited to be on the panel titled Once Upon a CRM—A Creation Story. This was a unique opportunity for us as a software vendor to openly share how this product was developed in conjunction with three partners: the JCC of San Francisco, Peninsula JCC and the Marcus JCC of Atlanta. These organizations came together to leverage the power of the Salesforce platform and develop a unique solution for the recreation management market.

What are the common challenges these facilities are facing?

Panelists discussed the need for a single view of their constituents and the desire to enable staff members with data, so they can improve their operations and do even more good in their communities. Kim Snyder from RoundTable Technology served as the facilitator for the session and helped educate the attendees on the importance of breaking down data silos. She spoke of the need for people across an organization to be both consumers and creators of data.

What kind of reach do JCCs have?

From both a personal and professional development view, this conference was one of the highlights of my work with the JCCs. They do so much good in their communities. For perspective, in North America, they service over 1.5 million weekly participants, 80,000 campers and 22,000 children in early childhood education. It was a humbling experience to see how as a technology vendor, we can be part of helping accomplish so much.

Anything else?

Traction Rec has the potential to transform any recreation management facility, not just JCCs, so check out Traction Rec for more info and reach out if you’d like to arrange a demo.

Thanks, Lara; you’re a mensch!
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