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NPSP Tools to Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

Photo: Davis Wong, a lead strategist at Traction on Demand, explains a solution to support the International Living Future Institute.

My last blog post was about how the recent NPSP Day gathering of nonprofit Salesforce community members resulted in attendees getting personalized advice to optimize their orgs. But where to start if you’re still thinking about overhauling your system?

Whether you’re a mature nonprofit looking for a solution to handle the complexity of your organization, or a small organization wondering if the Salesforce powerhouse is too much to handle, the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) has something for everyone. Here are some NPSP features and tools specifically designed to help nonprofit organizations excel in their donation processes.

Customizable rollups let you calculate specific amounts right on the record, saving you the trouble of building another report. With customizable rollups on donations and opportunities, you can specify what you want to calculate, apply the filters you want, and then look up information on related fields. For example, you can find the biggest gift in a certain time period, then look up the campaign that brought in that gift.

Read a more detailed breakdown of this feature by Jessica Langelaan, VP of Nonprofit Solutions at Traction on Demand, here.

Engagement plans help you create tasks to follow up with accounts and contacts, ensuring the right person gets in touch with your valuable constituents at the right time. You can design an engagement plan with both concurrent and sequential tasks. For example, you can set a collection of tasks to call new major gift donors, send them a thank-you note, and then invite them to an appreciation event a month after their donation.

Batch gift entry, scheduled for release in January 2019, will warm the heart of anyone who’s ever had to enter hundreds of cheques from a major campaign. The newest work on batch gift entry offers promising efficiency enhancements. Administrators can customize the batch gift entry interface to make it as easy as possible for users to enter large volumes of gifts, with the added benefit of all-keyboard input for power keyboarders. For real-time progress reports, you can specify the number and dollar amount of gifts to be entered, and then validate your input against those estimates before importing into Salesforce.

Want to learn more about tools, tips, and tricks to help your organization become power users of NPSP? Get hands-on practice with the Salesforce Trailheads for Nonprofit Cloud or check out the NPSP Videography channel on Youtube for dozens of how-to videos.

Written by Victoria Tang, Nonprofit Cloud Technologist, Traction on Demand

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