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Upcoming Workshop: Nonprofit Scenario Planning for the Next Normal

Workshop: Nonprofit Scenario Planning for the Next Normal

Guest blog from Jan Kaderly, Founder, A Line Strategy

Written by

Jan Kaderly

Founder, A Line Strategy

Almost overnight, everything we’ve planned has turned upside down.

Adapting in real-time to rapidly changing circumstances can consume almost all of your time. Add this to the fact that our personal and professional lives have been altered in almost every way; we’re feeling overwhelmed and fatigued – the desire to simply bypass paths that lie ahead can be understandable.

Our challenge is to make sense of the current world and the one that lays ahead.

This process of sensemaking is one “of structuring the unknown…turn[ing] complexity of the world into a situation that is comprehended in words that serve as a springboard into action.” Karl Weick, Sensemaking in Organizations.

For nonprofits to persist amidst this crisis, you must respond and deliver services to your constituents while ensuring the health and safety of your employees and your business. 

While some organizations have developed scenarios for the upcoming budget cycle, many plans exist only in an excel file. While some have developed scenarios based on re-open dates, they may not have imagined a future of prolonged closures.  

Scenario Planning for the Next Normal

In the coming weeks, Traction on Demand and A Line Strategy are hosting a Nonprofit Scenario Planning Workshop to help you re-imagine your path, define action steps and develop an agile plan to help you navigate any future crises. We’ll guide you through the scenario planning process with an easy-to-use framework that will empower you and enable you to engage your staff and board members in the process. 

You must plan for the unknown – and multiple versions of the unknown.

During this workshop we’ll help you:

  • Develop a clear language of future states that you can share with your staff, board members and stakeholders
  • Clearly identify and name scenarios in real-time as they unfold and know the precise trigger for action that you must take
  • Align your leadership group and organization around your path forward

Leave this workshop with an actionable plan for:

  • Changing needs and expectations of constituents and beneficiaries and the implications for how you provide services
  • Donor and supporter base needs and how to cultivate and manage relationships 
  • Operational changes in how you deploy technology to work, create and collaborate

Registration is now open for this highly interactive and immersive workshop.

The “Why” of Scenario Planning

The uncertainties of our future have never been more profound. It’s difficult to know what scenarios to plan for with so many possibilities seeming probable. It can feel daunting and painful to plan for the worst case. 

What would it mean if, in two years, we were still unable to gather indoors? What would it mean to our personal lives and our nonprofits if a “re-opening” never happened as we hoped it might or in the ways in which we expected? What if the vaccine never came?

While the benefits of scenario planning are straightforward, the task is hard.

It’s overwhelming to imagine the permutations and implications of the future, but the consequences of inaction are high: 

  • Unprepared for many scenarios
  • Not aligned within your organization to make significant moves
  • Disempowered and scared of the future

Our goal is to provide you with an easy to use scenario planning framework that will help you plan for best and worst-case scenarios. It will help you chart a course that you can start implementing now.  

Illuminating the Path Forward

Though planning for the worst-case can be scary, this framework will give you a shared language that can unite your staff and board around a common cause. It can also reveal positive changes that your organization can and likely should take to make you more resilient in good times and bad.

For more information or to register for the upcoming Nonprofit Scenario Planning Workshop, check our event page: Nonprofit Scenario Planning for the Next Normal.

Registration now open

Join Traction on Demand and A Line Strategy for a Scenario Planning Workshop to help plan for and navigate any future crises. We are offering only 12 seats, so register your interest soon!

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