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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Spring 2020 Release: What’s New

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Spring 2020 Release: What’s New

Written by

Alison Zwecker

Nonprofit Solution Architect at Traction on Demand

As members of the nonprofit Salesforce community, we’ve become accustomed to regular releases of new functionality. We review Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) notes on bug fixes, patches and enhancements that appear like magic in our orgs every couple of weeks without batting an eyelash, but not all releases are created equally.

The two planned for April 29 and May 27 are far more than just a few code tweaks; they’re hearty – meaty, requiring some time to really sink your teeth into them (and I’m not just saying this because I’m ready for breakfast). 

Below, we’ll give an easy-to-digest summary of the upcoming Nonprofit Cloud Spring 2020 Release:

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Enhancements

Gift Entry

Cost: Free to NPSP customers

What is it? A new streamlined user interface that supports single and batch gift entry.

Users can create templates (think “charge card template” or “sustainer template” with a reusable collection of fields based on the way you enter/batch gifts) and add new outright gifts, apply pledge payments/utilize automatic matching on opportunities, split gifts to an unlimited number of allocations, and modify constituent details all while remaining in Batch Gift Entry. 

How to Prepare: This will already be in your org as a part of the release and requires two simple steps for enablement: Enable Advanced Mapping and Gift Entry in setup. However, it’s recommended that you prepare internally with key gift processing or fundraising stakeholders (i.e. anyone who will be entering gifts) to think about creating templates and end-user training. And remember best practice is to test this out in a sandbox first!

Recurring Donations 2.0

Cost: Free to NPSP customers

What is it? A revamped (and new) code-base using the existing Recurring Donations object that supports global sustainer tracking.

Most notably, you will now no longer see a collection of opportunities created before they’re paid; you’ll just see the next open pledge payment gift. This makes it MUCH easier to manage upgrades and downgrades as NPSP will no longer need to delete and recreate records to track future installments. This release introduces a better data structure to support payment processing and large data volume customers. Worried about not seeing what’s expected for a sustainer pledge? Have no fear – Salesforce is also rolling out a new visualization tool that will display the upcoming installments.

How to Prepare: This feature is not auto-enabled so requires some admin setup; use NPSP Settings to access this process. If you are leveraging Recurring Donations to track non-sustainer pledges (i.e. closed pledges with a discrete total pledge amount and number of installments), you’ll need to begin using the Payments objects. If you have true recurring donation use cases for your organization, you’ll need to complete a setup process including data migration to begin using this enhancement.

New Nonprofit Cloud Products 

Insights Platform (US Only)

Cost: Additional licensing required

What is it? Additional toolset to support enhanced data integrity in your org.

Specifically, features including the ability to schedule address standardization (into USPS format only) and NCOA processes and duplicate detection based on Contacts matching rules. This means a cleaner database with less time spent scrubbing mailing lists.

How to Prepare: The use of the automated NCOA update requires Melissa Data licenses. If your organization leverages a different address standardization product, decide if making this switch is the right decision for you. Work with internal team members to determine strong matching rules around contacts (Insights includes a matching rule that performs exact match on Last Name, and fuzzy match on First Name, Mailing Street, Mailing Zip/Postal Code, but can also support up to five active matching rules).



Cost: Additional licensing required

What is it? A new package installed on top of NPSP that will generate ledger entries for Opportunities and Payments, designed to be sent to an external accounting system.

Fundraisers and finance: everyone’s favorite odd couple. Both care about revenue, commitment tracking and pledge fulfillment, but the details they focus on tend to be different. The new Subledger product allows finance to track debits and credits, adjustments, write-offs and reversals, without requiring a deep overhaul of the schema and usability of NPSP as a CRM platform. Subledger supports both cash and accrual accounting and is designed to pair with online payment integration, which is also coming in a future release. Additionally, Subledger has customized template mapping for ten of the most common accounting systems (NetSuite, Quickbooks, Workday, MS Dynamics, BB Financial Edge, Peoplesoft, Workday and FinancialForce), among other exciting features.

How to Prepare: The most important step for this is to decide if your organization needs it! What type of financial reconciliation do you currently maintain? (i.e. how do you compare your Salesforce revenue to your accounting system?) Do you have any pain points today? How do you track adjustments? Walk through finance use cases and needs and explore how they are or aren’t met today. If your team needs more robust integration and reporting between the CRM and accounting, Subledger may be right for you.

Program Management

Cost: No additional cost (Platform licenses)

What is it? A framework dedicated to tracking the way you group and offer programs to constituents.

Many nonprofits offer programming to clients, whether it’s advocacy, community care, research or membership. Program Management allows nonprofits to track program participation for constituents through new custom objects including Service, Program Engagement and Program Cohort. It also enables team members such as program managers to track their ongoing work with clients. 

How to Prepare: Since many customers have a need to manage their program offerings, it’s likely they have a custom build already established in their environment. Meet internally and review what data you’re storing and make a plan to move any program information into the new Nonprofit Cloud schema for program management. Work with stakeholders to confirm a training plan for any process changes that use these new objects. This may also grant more access and options to your users (such as program managers) so be sure to review and update their security as needed too!


Case Management

Cost: Additional licensing required

What is it? An enhanced schema and industry-specific functionality built off of standard Cases (and the new Program Management product) to support case managers and the services you provide to your clients.

Organizations, in particular those in the health and human services industries, deliver offerings to their constituency commonly tracked by case managers who manage individual relationships with clients. Case Management focuses on service delivery, in particular for users who need to track client notes and assessments, as well as incident reports. Leverage new custom objects like Client Alert and Client Note, Case Plan and Goal as well as a Case Manager Home Page.

How to Prepare: Case Management is intrinsically tied to the new Program Management product as service delivery is often done for specific organizational programs, so discuss both of these topics in parallel. Talk about the needs of your case manager (or similar) users and, for existing customers, discuss what has already been built and may need to be transformed into these new objects. As with any of these offerings, devise a training plan to support the users who will be impacted by this change.

How Traction on Demand Can Help

As one of the largest independent Salesforce consulting partners in North America, we’re here to support you as you explore these new offerings. We’d love to talk through the Nonprofit Cloud Spring 2020 release products and enhancements and evaluate how they fit your unique needs. We can also help with your implementation strategy, customizations, training and enablement, data migration and more.

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