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Modern Manufacturing: Transforming from Product-Centricity to Customer-Centricity

From steam power to mass production and into the digital era, the last 300 years have made a profound impact on the manufacturing industry. As a result of these innovations, manufacturers can produce more, in less time and at a lower cost.

However, as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, manufacturers are learning that they must look beyond pure product-centric, operational efficiency to customer-centricity to remain successful. Today, technology must also support manufacturers as they build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their channel partners and customers. This shift in priorities comes from evolving customer expectations in the fourth industrial revolution; now every industry must operate with customer-centric, digital excellence.

During this 45-minute webinar, we will:

  • Investigate changing customer expectations of manufacturers in the digital age with Tony Kratovil (Senior Industry Director of Manufacturing at Salesforce)
  • Examine the tools and strategies available for manufacturers to build a customer-centric, integrated digital experience to meet changing customer expectations
  • Understand how organizations like Papé Machinery are leveraging technology to improve their customers’ experience and remain competitive
  • Demonstrate how technology can unlock the data necessary to build meaningful relationships with customers and partners
  • Manufacturing in the Age of the Customer with Tony Kratovil (Salesforce’s Senior Industry Director of Manufacturing)
  • Papé Machinery’s Sales Cloud Success Story with Jamie Lanz (Senior CRM Administrator at Papé Machinery) and Wilson Lee (Strategic Solutions Team Lead at Traction on Demand)
  • Demonstration of Traction Forge, a manufacturing solution built on the Salesforce platform, with Abhi Valaboju (Solutions Engineer at Traction):
    • Strategic account planning and forecasting that leverages your ERP data
    • Channel management to effective collaborate with partners
    • IoT integration to improve your customer service
  • Questions and Answers

Click here to watch the recording.

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