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Make the Most of Marketing Automation in 4 Key Steps

When’s the last time you logged into your inbox without being overwhelmed by irrelevant promotional emails? Every morning when I check my email, it seems like there is more content that seems like it was randomly sent to me.

Good morning! You have a bunch of irrelevant, junky emails just waiting to be trashed.
Good morning! You have a bunch of irrelevant, junk emails just waiting to be trashed.

So how can you make sure your B2B marketing efforts remain relevant, timely and, most importantly, in front of the right prospects? Using Pardot, there are four key steps to follow to make the most of marketing automation.

1.    Find the right prospects

Work with the sales and marketing departments to determine what a high-quality, marketing-qualified lead (MQL) looks like before it’s handed over to business development. It’s important to get sales’ input on the demographic and behavioural criteria of an MQL because they have insight into determining factors that eventually close deals.

Once you know who sales and marketing see as a valuable lead, you can begin to build out a scoring and grading model in Pardot. Scoring monitors how prospects interact with your online marketing assets (such as your website, landing pages or emails) to determine who is the most engaged with your brand. Grading, on the other hand, looks at all the data you collect from prospects (job title, location, company size, etc.) to highlight the people your sales team should be interested in engaging with.

You can automate scoring and grading with automation rules to automatically pass the most qualified prospects on to your sales team.

2.    Send relevant content

As you gather information on your prospects, take note of their interests. Using Pardot’s web-tracking abilities, you can learn more about each individual’s interests and cater your messaging to them.

Not only will relevant content keep engagement high, but sending emails that your prospects engage with (through opens and clicks) also ensures that your emails continue to make it to their inbox and that your IP’s reputation is protected.

3.    Keep it timely

Completion actions, automation rules and engagement programs help you communicate with a prospect on their terms. Notice that someone checked out a few of your landing pages? Set an automation rule to send them an email. See that a prospect didn’t open an engagement program email in the last four weeks? Send them a reminder email with an added value proposition.

Pardot’s automation tools help you communicate with your prospects to keep them engaged when they move away from your website and online presence. Beyond sending emails, automation rules can also notify members of your internal sales team to follow-up with a lead. One use case for this might be a prospect requesting more information about your services online and setting a notification for your sales team to follow up.

4.    Put it all together

Pardot is at its strongest when all the pieces work together, so it’s important to take a step back and think of your marketing automation strategy holistically and how it ties into the rest of your overall marketing strategy. Before diving in, take the time to get input from the people who know your sales process and existing customers best to put your plan together.

That said, there is no formula for perfect B2B marketing automation so once you’re up and running with the Pardot platform, start sending out emails and other assets. With a repetitive approach, you can test different messages to determine what your prospects respond to best.

Reach out to our marketing automation team to find out how Pardot can make your emails the most read, relevant and engaging ones in your prospect’s inbox, and learn more about creating better customer relationships in this presentation by our VP of Data-Driven Marketing, Dave Jenkins (third presentation on the left).

Need this info as a PDF? Download it here.

resize-sara-dicksonWritten by Sara Dickson, business solutions consultant at Traction on Demand.

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