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Kids Take Over Traction on Demand (For a Good Cause)

A look I know all too well; that’s my daughter.

What do Tractionite parents do with their kids when it’s a Pro-D Day? Why, bring them to work of course! We recently welcomed 45 mini Tractionites to our office for a day of fun and learning. It was more than an opportunity for them to see where their parents work; they got to meet other kids, have lots of fun and learn about philanthropy, a core value at Traction on Demand.

To start, we explored four big words (for kids): “compassion,” “gratitude,” “philanthropy” and “volunteer.” These are pretty abstract ideas for kids so these big actions need to be taught and nurtured. We explored the meaning of these words in different ways:

  • discussing the word compassion and what it means to help people
  • acting on gratitude by encouraging each child to write a letter to their parents on what they are grateful for
  • watching a video on the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and talked about the need in our community
  • volunteering by giving our time to something we care about; some kids collected garbage around the neighbourhood while others made lemonade and treats to raise funds for charity
Not the show of gratitude we were expecting, but it’ll do!


Instead of our usual Friday afternoon “beer o’clock,” Tractionites enjoyed a “lemonade o’clock” by donation. “To include making and selling lemonade to benefit the Canadian Mental Health Association was a great hands-on experience for my daughter,” says Brad Routledge, a business development manager at Traction on Demand and proud dad to Sophie. “Sophie really enjoyed the day and appreciated getting to visit where Dad spends a good chunk of his time!” The lemonade stand ended up raising $180 for the CMHA.

The children also did activities led by people within our walls who offered up their expertise and shared their passions: doing yoga, pumpkin carving, coding, creative writing and dancing. The day was fun and chaotic but so worthwhile. The earlier the conversations around philanthropy happen, the better off we’ll all be.

The look of someone who has bitten off more than they can chew. Alex Bezeredi, content specialist, volunteers to teach the kids creative writing.


The crew that helped run the day’s events were given some bravery awards from colleagues for hosting that many kids here (ha!), but it was a truly magical day that we will do all over again.

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Written by Michelle Malpass, Director of Community Performance, Traction for Good.

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