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Is There a Place for People in an AI World?

Thinking Out Cloud Episode Two

Is there a place for people in a world of artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to business?

According to one neuroscientist-turned-entrepreneur, people are still very much part of the equation. Dr. Vivienne Ming is the founder of several companies that use AI technology in a variety of industries, but she says the relationships between people and cloud-based solutions can be complicated. “Despite having all of this technology and data at their fingertips, customers in all industries struggle with what to do with it.”

Data: it’s there for you to use

AI has the potential to provide companies with data, and thus solutions, which may be overlooked by people. But it takes people to realize the full power of that data. Historically, we’ve relied on pure human mind power to make the best business decisions possible, but that only takes us so far in today’s business ecosystem. Now, with AI in the picture, we can expand our scope, scale to new heights and cut down on the time it takes to reach our goals.

The bionic company

It’s not about choosing either technology or people — it’s about bringing the two together. Although technology is an obvious necessity, it doesn’t replace the creative human mind, and you still need people to connect the dots. Instead of thinking about technology as a substitute for talent, think of technology as a way to enhance the talent people already have.

Don’t pass the AI buck

Your customers already have a million things to think about — don’t make AI one of them. “AI companies need to own the complexity. It’s not for the customer to do that,” says Vivienne. Long-term success for companies hinges on clear and simple processes set out by partners that can pair AI with their expertise.

The bottom line, according to Vivienne, is that AI will not replace people who will always have an important tole to play in business. Ultimately, “Technology isn’t a solution to problems, it’s just a tool that will reflect our own values back at us.”

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