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How to Ace the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification Exam

Hint: not like this.

One of the best things about being an adult is not having to write regular exams. But once in a while, an opportunity to boost or legitimize your credentials comes up that you just have to take. Salesforce recently launched the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification, which will validate the specific skills administrators need to be successful in in the nonprofit space.

Legacy systems are proving to be inadequate for the complexity of today’s nonprofit operations, so organizations of all sizes are turning to Salesforce. As a result, there’s a greater need for qualified technologists to assist nonprofits with their unique pain points. Are you looking to be a leader in this space?

Prove it.

Tractionites Share Their Tips

Several Tractionites have already proven themselves, as guinea pigs for Salesforce’s exam beta testing, by answering a whopping 180 questions rather than the standard 60. (So consider yourself lucky if you’re just starting to study.) Three of the 12 Tractionites now certified as Nonprofit Cloud Consultants share what administrators can do to ace the certification exam.

From l to r: Dave Rees, Data Architect; Fatma Ahmed, Quality Assurance Specialist; Stephen Rathjen, Cloud Technologist

What can people expect with the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification exam?

“It’s tricky – NPSP covers so many areas that there’s really a ton of content to cover. Not only do you have to understand how nonprofits operate and use the technology, but also the underlying data model and processes that power it.” — Dave

“It’s good. Average complexity. Not too easy but not too hard.” — Fatma

What’s a tip you can share?

“Be sure you run through the Nonprofit Cloud Consultants Trailmix on Trailhead.” — Stephen

“Don’t leave studying to the weekend before the exam, it’s not enough time.” — Dave

Why should someone take this exam if they have a general certification already?

“Because it touches on a lot of unique territory in the Salesforce universe. NPSP is a wonderful world to live in and having a way to show potential clients that you are well-versed in its functionality is an asset.” — Stephen

“Nonprofit use cases are more complex than a lot of for-profit use cases. Proving you know how to solve these use cases properly in Salesforce shows you’ve put in the time and effort to learn and understand how to properly leverage this technology.” — Dave

“Studying for the exam will open new learning portals for the exam takers and will help them develop their skills.” — Fatma

We only need to turn to our own nonprofit practice to see that demand in this space is increasing. With NPSP sprints, the Power of Us Hub and now this certification, Salesforce is giving technologists ample opportunity to learn and prove themselves to potential clients and employers. While anyone who puts in the time should pass the exam without any problems, Stephen has one last tip. “If you don’t know what ‘LDV’ stands for… look it up!”

Written by Karen Glanzberg, Content Developer at Traction on Demand. She still has nightmares about writing university exams.

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