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How Greg Malpass is Using Data to Improve Employee Happiness

Greg Malpass, Traction on Demand’s founder and CEO, addresses the team before another exciting day at Dreamforce 2018.

Thinking Out Cloud: Episode Ten

When founder and CEO Greg Malpass started Traction on Demand over a decade ago, his mission was simple: help people find “more time to play.” Back then, the work-life balance conundrum was being discussed everywhere. That discussion has since evolved into a wider analysis of how companies can improve employee happiness and job satisfaction so there doesn’t need to be such a distinction between “work” and “life.”

In the final episode of season one of our Thinking Out Cloud podcast, Greg explains his preference for the term “work-life harmony” and how Traction Pulse is helping him keep a finger on the pulse of employee happiness.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

“Why would it ever be okay for me to hate my job and love my life?” asks Greg.

If time is the only thing we spend that we can never get back, then the dilemma for leadership teams is to figure out how their employees can get satisfaction from every working moment. The implications for this are greater than the individual employee; any satisfaction they gain at work trickles down to the work they do for their clients. In this way, Greg delves in further and asks, “If you don’t have people who are engaged in the company, how can you possibly make your customers happy?”

That engagement piece is key at Traction on Demand. It has led to the creation of Traction Pulse, a data collection application for companies wanting to gauge real-time employee sentiment.

Traction Pulse: The Heartbeat of Traction on Demand

A few years ago, Traction on Demand began the shift from the traditional “customer-first” mentality to a “team-first” mindset. It has led to regular temperature-taking among team members to gauge how satisfied they are in doing their everyday tasks. Employees are asked to rate their experiences from “amazing” to “brutal,” which leads to a better understanding of what’s going on within the business. It has also created a climate for better conversations between employees and their managers.

“It’s a way to marry data and altruism,” says Greg. “Let’s try to do the right thing and drive great experiences through data.”

Job Satisfaction=Better Business Decisions

According to Greg, Traction Pulse has been a “completely mind-bending experience.” In understanding what people love to do, Traction on Demand has been able to make better business decisions. “In a lot of ways, team members are voting for what they want the company to do,” says Greg.

Listen to the final episode of season one of Thinking Out Cloud to hear more of what Greg has to say when it comes to giving employees a voice and involving them as a part of the decision-making process.

Traction on Demand was named the number one best place to work in 2019.

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