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Introducing Our Salesforce Higher Education Recruiting and Admissions Accelerator

Introducing Our Salesforce Higher Education Recruiting and Admissions Accelerator

Written by

Jennifer Walker

Principal Strategist, Higher Education, Traction on Demand

Traction on Demand is excited to announce a new accelerator that will provide higher education institutions with a Salesforce-based Admissions and Recruitment management solution.

As a top revenue generator for higher education, recruiting and admissions has always been a hot topic. Societal trends such as rising student debt and declining birthrates make this a key consideration in every institution’s enrollment strategy. But the seismic shift created by COVID-19 has spurred students to cast an even more critical eye on the ROI of higher education.

In a recent survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research, 88 per cent of campus leaders indicated concern about declines in enrollment. Now more than ever, schools are asking themselves how they can increase their competitive advantage during that critical phase converting a prospect to an applicant to an enrolled student. 

Today’s applicants expect their experience to be personalized and straightforward with minimal barriers along the way. A common need that we hear from our partner institutions is the desire for a custom-tailored admissions solution that brings operations into Salesforce and supports their unique applicant journey with a high-touch “customer-focused” experience.

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Traction on Demand’s Recruitment & Admissions Accelerator

In response to the market demand, we’ve developed a two-part Recruitment & Admissions Accelerator that tackles these needs in a powerful way. Our solution maximizes time-to-value by providing institutions with an extensible solution built on industry best practices. We bridge Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Education Data Architecture offerings to help you tap into cutting edge tools from both the sales and recruiting worlds. We then allow you to customize the tool to make the applicant management experience exactly what you want. 


Package 1: Recruiting & Admissions CRM

This package contains the features and functionality needed to efficiently manage prospects through your recruiting and admissions pipeline; from inquiry to enrollment. It’s been preconfigured to simplify and automate common features and empower your team with the insights necessary to make data-driven decisions. 

Features include:

  • Customize the recruiting process for each unique program
  • Automate the prospect management process leveraging Salesforce Leads and Contacts
  • Automate the applicant pipeline process leveraging Salesforce Opportunities
    • Track applications against specific programs and terms
    • Simplify application review and decision management
  • Empower employees with insight and analysis through the use of Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
  • Leverages Salesforce’s industry-leading Sales Cloud and Education Data Architecture

Package 2: Applicant Portal 

This optional package has been designed to work in conjunction with the Recruiting & Admissions Back-End package to provide a seamless experience for your applicants. 

It contains features and functionality needed to manage your applicant experience throughout the admissions process. 

Features include:

  • Custom branded application portal that can be managed with point-and-click configuration
  • Application management (e.g., flexible application flow, customizable formatting and questions)
  • Applicant intake (e.g., short and long-form questions, references, attachment of supporting documentation)
  • Applicant dashboard (e.g., monitor multiple applications and submission statuses, admissions decisions)
    • Expose key dates, deadlines, and milestones
    • Provide a high-level view of progress towards requirements
    • Review all required attachments in a single location
  • Leverages Salesforce’s industry-leading Community Cloud

Optional Enhancements: Customizations, Marketing Automation & Integrations

Traction on Demand’s Recruiting & Admissions Accelerator was developed with extensibility in mind, which means it can be fully customized to support your unique processes and integrated with the systems you use today. 

Examples include:

  • Flexible architecture that can be customized to support unique use cases (e.g., custom notifications, additional automation)
  • Genericized architecture that can be integrated with other third-party applications (e.g., Marketing Automation, Student Information Systems, Common App)
  • Foundational architecture that supports other Higher Education processes beyond Recruiting and Admissions (e.g., Student Services, Alumni & Advancement)

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Next Steps

If you’d like more information about Traction on Demand’s Recruiting & Admissions Accelerator, package options, timelines and pricing please get in touch with one of our Higher Education experts. 

For more information about getting started with Salesforce Recruiting & Admissions, check out their comprehensive workbook here.

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