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Going Global: Traction on Demand Announces First Office Outside North America in Jaipur, India

Manpreet Singh (right) and the Jaipur team pose with the organization’s leadership in front of a Traction on Demand banner.

We’re officially announcing the opening of our newest office in Jaipur, India, population of three million. This follows our Small Town Initiative announcement of the opening of another new office in Nelson, British Columbia, population of 10,000. With India being a country of over one billion people, Jaipur might as well be a small town! This will be our first office outside North America.

Traction on Demand leadership recently returned from Jaipur where they met with the new team, which is set to grow to 40 people by the new year. With a talent-rich base of seasoned Salesforce platform experts, building a presence in Jaipur allows us to provide both exceptional 24/7 client support and a base for expansion into other international markets.

As Mike Epner, President of Traction on Demand, explains, “With round-the-clock support for customer programs, we will be able to deliver faster and more effectively on their goals. Traction on Demand has a 12-year history of amazing customer success with consultants located in Canada and the US. By adding this dimension, we can build on that success to take things to an even better place. We are off to a great start and it’s going to be a really fun ride.” And he would know — Mike has been making connections between North America and India to deliver Salesforce capabilities for over a decade.

Traction on Demand’s Director of Community Engagement, Michelle Malpass, admires the iconic Taj Mahal.
Traction for Good: India Edition

The Jaipur office is led by Manpreet Singh, who recently joined as Managing Director. His previous experience includes scaling a Salesforce delivery centre in India to 500+ employees in five years. Apart from being a Salesforce expert, Manpreet also operates Lioness Tile, a social enterprise co-founded with his wife, Manu, to empower women through artisanal tile design and construction. His background in nonprofit work will no doubt shape the Traction for Good efforts undertaken by the Jaipur team.

“The notion of Traction on Demand as a ‘community and not a company,’ along with the evolution of B Corps in India (it’s worth noting that India has only six B Corp-certified companies), gives us a huge scope in spreading the awareness and raising the bar. Combining this with our experienced Salesforce consulting and technical talent shall have a profound impact not only on the Jaipur Salesforce community, but also on Traction on Demand’s transformation into a global Salesforce partner,” says Manpreet.

Growing in Tractionites

With a continued focus on growth, Traction on Demand’s hiring strategy in Jaipur will align with the process already followed in North America by continuing to emphasize cultural fit, aptitude and experience. “Unlike many traditional organizations that may look to establish offshore resource centres, Traction on Demand’s focus is on enhancing the overall capabilities of our team, regardless of physical location. The hiring teams in Jaipur, Burnaby, Toronto and Montreal are dedicated to building a culturally aligned team where collaboration and customer success is paramount,” says Tanya Jarrett, Chief People Officer at Traction on Demand.

Traction on Demand’s Chief People Officer, Tanya Jarrett, tries her hand at tile-making at Lioness Tile.
Jai Ho!

Jaipur may be a grand, bustling place compared to rural Nelson but what they have in common is that Traction on Demand’s values live on no matter where in the world Tractionites are physically located. “I had heard about Traction on Demand’s growth story and ‘business for good’ philosophy through Mike, so when he reached out to me to help build Traction on Demand in India, it was like a dream come true. My hope is to create a great workplace built on the principles of being responsible, sustainable and emphatic,” says Manpreet.

He continues, “It’s no secret the Jaipur region is a talent capital for Salesforce skills in India, so the opportunity to lead and build Traction on Demand here, with the immense possibility of growth it could bring to the Salesforce community, gives me a huge sense of pride.”

The rest of us are proud too, Manpreet; we’re excited for the great things we can achieve together. Welcome to the Traction on Demand community!

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