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Going Digital for Disaster Relief: A Dreamforce Presentation Sneak Peek

An International Fund for Animal Welfare first responder searches for animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

No one sits at home and waits for disaster to strike but when it does, we want to be prepared. That’s the thinking behind the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s disaster relief program, which provides rescue services for animals around the world.

While the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) relies on first responders to rescue animals, they also have digital marketers on the backend who provide support in their multi-pronged approach to disaster relief. “What we do is utilize digital to communicate with first responders on the ground to facilitate real-live content that drives digital campaigns online,” says Amy Bridges, Manager of Global Digital Marketing and Fundraising at IFAW.

No Time to Waste: a Digital Transformation for Speed and Efficiency

IFAW was already undergoing a significant branding transformation when Traction on Demand first engaged with them. With their 50th anniversary coming up, they were looking for an updated CRM to take them into the next 50 years. The digital marketing team, specifically, was going through internal structural changes and a global re-branding exercise, all the while implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Social Studio to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Needless to say, there was a lot was going on at the time!

Amy Bridges, Manager of Global Digital Marketing and Fundraising at IFAW.

The project was quite the undertaking but IFAW has already noticed a marked difference in their operations. “We’ve been able to reach out to our supporters with faster response time and more impactful stories with the new technology,” says Amy. This includes ads to create new donor leads, emails to ask for financial support from existing donors, social posts to keep constituents updated in real time and blog posts to share their animal rescue stories in more detail. IFAW has found that utilizing a variety of digital media is the best way to reach different audiences effectively.

Marketing Cloud in Action: Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas and much of the east coast of North America when it touched down in the fall of 2019. But with Marketing Cloud in place, IFAW was able to do mobilize quicker and create personalized journeys for every new donor with increased efficiency.

What makes this second point even more significant is that Amy was able to work faster because of her own confidence in an updated system that she received proper training in. When we hear the word “technology” we do typically assume some form of efficiency, but it really makes the best impact when the user is enabled to confidently use it. This speaks even truer when in a time crunch; saving just a few hours allowed Amy to tackle other crucial tasks in this time of disaster.

Learn More From Us at Dreamforce

“This path to change has been one with a ton of lessons already, and it continues to teach us more,” says Amy. “I’m excited to share more about Hurricane Dorian and our journey at Dreamforce this year.”

Please plan to join us on Thursday, November 21 from 1:00-1:40 pm at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. In the meantime, find out more about Traction on Demand’s nonprofit sessions and events during Dreamforce.

See you then!

Written by Jacqueline Chen, Cloud Technologist at Traction on Demand.

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