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Get to Know Our Sponsors Ahead of TractionForce 2016

Coming from someone who has attended countless tech events over the last few years, I think it’s time to reinvent the expo floor.

We want to bring more intention and purpose to expo floor. This year, TractionForce will feature fewer technology vendors with the hope of attendees engaging in more in-depth and purpose-driven conversations with the ones that are there. To help you achieve this, we thought we’d share our background with these vendors and why they’re going to be at TractionForce in the first place.

Salesforce_Logo_150pxSalesforce is the most obvious vendor for Traction on Demand, as we are first and foremost a Salesforce platinum consulting and development partner. This means every one of Traction’s customers is also a customer of Salesforce. What was once the world’s number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform is now the world’s best cloud-based customer success platform, encompassing sales, marketing, service, analytics and more.

Traction on Demand and Salesforce work hand-in-hand to manage all of an organization’s most pertinent data through one platform.

docuSign-logo-150DocuSign is a digital transaction management and e-signature platform and close partner of Traction’s. We work with DocuSign to build integrated solutions on the Salesforce platform. What makes DocuSign such a strong platform to invest in is its ability to solve business challenges across an organization. What was once considered simply an e-signature solution for sales contracting has transformed into a platform that allows organizations to leverage their functionality to solve hundreds of business pain points.

If you’ve already signed on to the platform, our recommendation is to learn how you can expand the use of it through your organization to solve additional challenges and increase ROI.

Dell_Boomi_Logo_150Dell Boomi was the first provider of 100% cloud-based integration software. It allows you to connect both on-premise and cloud-based systems to pull data from one place into another. Boomi allows organizations to connect different systems, like a backend ERP or external database, to Salesforce so you can see all your data within one platform.

Boomi has been a member of Traction’s Perfect Stack – most highly recommended technology vendors – since 2012. Since then, we’ve worked with them on countless projects to solve business challenges by connecting systems and data. If you’re looking for ways to bring together the various systems your teams use with Salesforce, chat with Boomi.

FF-logo-150pxFinancialForce may be one of Traction on Demand’s newest partners but they’re definitely not new to the Salesforce ecosystem. They provide software offerings: professional services automation, backend accounting solutions and human capital management. The best thing about FinancialForce is it was built on the Salesforce platform, meaning the two systems integrate seamlessly and allow data to easily flow back and forth.

Traction on Demand recently implemented FinancialForce’s professional services automation (PSA) offering internally, which has turned out to be one of our most successful technology adoptions to date. So much so that we’re now implementing PSA for our own customers.

Working Together

The best thing about all of these technology vendors is they solve very different pain points but are all built to integrate with and support one another. In fact, each one of these vendors is a partner of all the others.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these vendors before attending TractionForce, reach out to me at Otherwise learn more and register for TractionForce 2016 today!

resize KevinMurray2Written by Kevin Murray, Manager of Marketing Alliances.


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