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Driving Security through Experience: Traction Guest Introduces Assisted-Check-In to Transform Visitor Management

As the next evolution in the visitor management software (VMS) category, Traction Guest announced yesterday their newest platform expansion, Assisted-Check-In. The new module is set to transform how enterprise organizations use VMS solutions across facilities, lobbies or security and access points.

As noted in yesterday’s press release, Assisted-Check-In uses high-end ID scanners (like those found at airport security), so security professionals can verify a visitor’s government-issued ID as part of their visitor management process. By harmonizing Assisted-Check-In with Traction Guest’s Self-Check-In functionality, enterprise organizations can provide a visitor-first experience without compromising security and safety.

The 2018 edition of The Evolution of Visitor Management Report illustrates the growing importance enterprise organizations are placing on comprehensive security measures that protect their people, facilities and data. In fact, 89% of their survey respondents stated that VMS helps create a safer work environment. With Assisted-Check-In, the VMS experience previously confined to the lobby, can now be transferred to security gates and other checkpoints across facilities, enhancing security without compromising the visitor experience.

Keith Metcalfe, CEO of Traction Guest, elaborates. “When it comes to meeting compliance requirements and keeping personnel, data and facilities safe, most enterprises face a significant gap. Assisted-Check-In fills that gap by allowing security officers to instantly check in visitors by verifying their government-issued ID. In cases where organizations don’t need visitors to sign documents or take a picture, they can bypass the iPad-based Self-Check-In completely with Assisted-Check-In, or combine both processes. The result is greater speed, accuracy and control.”

If you’re organization is exploring visitor management solutions, learn more about Assisted-Check-In here or check out Metcalfe’s message in the video above.

Visitor Data Belongs in Your CRM
For those organizations who leverage Salesforce, visitor and customer interaction data should live in your CRM. Understanding who visits your physical locations not only helps you understand more about customer cycles, but also supports greater organizational security measures. Ensure your data lives in the same systems your employees do.

Echoing Metcalfe’s sentiment noted in the release, the entire team at Traction on Demand is excited to see how Assisted-Check-In will shift the nature of the VMS category.

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