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Dreamforce 2016: Introducing Our Newest Product, Traction Rec

My experience speaking to a large audience as high school valedictorian should make it easier to speak in front of a crowd at Dreamforce. Nevertheless, I am still eagerly anticipating my presentation with Marina Peterson, Director of Systems and Internal Controls at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Marina and I will be presenting on how we used Traction Rec to streamline the membership process.

Marina Pterson is director of systems and internal control at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.
Marina Peterson is director of systems and internal control at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

As someone who has had experience mostly in service/support work, it was a nice change to move into helping people manage recreational processes. I started working with the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco a couple years ago to address their data analysis and fundraising needs. I was coming fresh off a major support centre implementation and the change to this non-profit client was a pleasant culture shock. The atmosphere was quite relaxed.

Three months later we kicked off a project to replace their legacy system with a Salesforce implementation. The goal was to capture the entire member life cycle in one spot. The first priority was to build out a fully-fledged membership management system to manage everything from sign ups to monthly billing. Since then, we’ve also implemented several rounds of updates and new modules to manage class registration for early childhood education, youth care and aquatics.

Now, two years after I first came to know Marina, we’ve put a team together to rebuild these projects as a cohesive product to share with other Jewish Community Centers and recreational facilities: Traction Rec. Marina has had a chance to see firsthand how the product has improved their services saying, “With over 12,000 members, working with Traction on Demand to build robust Salesforce applications and integrations allows us to see the breadth and extent to which people participate in the community here.”

Corbin Smith is a cloud technologist.
Corbin Smith is a cloud technologist at Traction on Demand.

Join us in San Francisco as we go back to where it all began with our presentation Jewish Community Center of SF’s Robust Membership Solution, which we are very excited to share with you. It will take place on Thursday, October 6th at the Westin St. Francis. See you there.

Written by Corbin Smith, cloud technologist at Traction on Demand.

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