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Double the Value of Your Donations—and Your Data—with These 3 Steps

A significant donation was made to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation with the support of Traction for Good’s matching program.

Matching gifts are a growing perk at companies with a social conscience. Indeed, Traction for Good has made sizable donations, matching the employee gift dollar-for-dollar, for causes close to Tractionite hearts. The Breast Prank Ever, for example, received over $25,000 in donations from individual donors and matching sponsors, which went towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

How many of the donations you receive are matched by the donor’s employer or a third party? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to run a report on all organizations that had matched donations and see the soft credit and hard credit impact on your fundraising efforts? The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) provides you with the tools to track donation matching organizations.

ToD Tip: Before implementing anything in your production system, be sure to test in a sandbox first (yes, even those seemingly simple cosmetic changes).

Here are three steps to help you double the value of your donations and data:

1. Add matching gift fields to your organization account page layouts.

First, to start tracking which organizations offer donation matching to their employees, you’ll need to expose these fields that come standard with NPSP, as seen in the screenshot below.

Next, populate the organization’s matching gift information. The best way to approach this is when you find out an organization potentially matches, track down the individual who administers the matching program and connect with them to complete this information.

All of these fields can be reported on, so it’s easy to create a report that shows a list of organizations that have matching gift programs, along with information about the maximum matching potential of those programs.

2. Add matching gift fields to donation page layouts.

Now that you have identified a matching gift organization, when a gift comes in from an individual whom you know to have a connection to the matching organization, you can flag that gift to be potentially matched by a corresponding donation from the organization.

In the screenshot below you’ll see some fields that you can add to the opportunity layout so that when donations are entered, you can add information to help you identify the organization that may match the gift. Later, when the matching gift comes in from the organization, it will be easier to connect the matching gift to the individual gifts that you identified when they came in.

By adding the matching gift account on the individual gift, you’re flagging it to be a potential match when the matching gift from the organization comes in later.

3. Create the matching gift and associate it with the individual donations.

When an organization sends in their matching donation, it could be to match a single donation or multiple donations made by several employees. Don’t worry! Salesforce and NPSP make it easy to handle these matches gracefully. When the matching gift comes in from the organization, click on “Find Matched Gifts” to see a list of potential matches.

In this screenshot, you can see the list of potential matches that you flagged when you received the individual donations:

Select the checkbox for the donations that are being matched by the organizational gift, hit save, and you’re done! You’ve tracked a matching gift and you’ve linked the individual donor to the corresponding gift from the matching organization via a soft credit.

You’ve also just enriched your data by tracking an organization that has a matching gift program. Now, when future donations come in from people associated with that organization, you can flag those individual donations with potential matches from that organization.

ToD Tip: There may even be situations when an individual donates and is unaware their employer would match the gift. You can potentially double your donation by informing the donor and encouraging them to engage with their employer.

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