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The Purpose of Dell Boomi Lives in the Company Name: TractionForce 2019 Sponsor Highlight

The tech industry is notorious for inspiring unique and obscure company names; you’d be forgiven for thinking that “Boomi” falls into that category. While the name is fun to say, it does in fact, imply much more about their platform and technology than you may have thought.

The name “Boomi” actually takes its roots from ancient India. When Rick Nucci founded the application and data integration platform in 2000, he was inspired to build a company based on the principles of Bhumi, the Hindu goddess representing Mother Earth. Taken further, Bhumi is a giver, nourisher and unifyer.

Dell Boomi Logo

The spirit of Bhumi lives on almost 20 years later as the platform continues to provide its customers with a stable, scalable foundation on which to unify. “To thrive in today‘s digital age, companies need a technology foundation that makes information, interactions and innovations flow faster, both inside and outside the organization,” says Mandy Dhaliwal, Dell Boomi’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Dell Boomi platform is that fabric of connectivity; it allows customers to accelerate business outcomes.”

Dell Boomi’s Original Purpose Lives On

For today’s “Boomi,” the philosophy that inspired Rick continues. The platform unifies people through technology that enables the connection of data and processes to:

  • Accelerate connections and make it faster and easier to unify data, systems, applications, processes and people.
  • Eliminate old, brittle technology, modernize processes and help customers move faster on a modern IT foundation.
  • Transform processes to improve collaboration, increase engagement and become more agile.
  • Become innovative in helping customers create new products, design new experiences and invent new business models.

These factors taken together, facilitate a world in which people are aligned to do the very best work they are capable of.

Hear more about what inspires Dell Boomi to fulfill its purpose when Mandy Dhaliwal takes the main stage at TractionForce 2019 during the people-focused leaders lounge on May 23 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The unifying roots of Bhumi provide a good starting point to discuss this year’s event theme—the Collective Why. Get your TractionForce tickets today and learn first-hand why we need to honour our beginnings to pave the way for the future.

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