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Building Capacity and Creating Jobs in Dayton, Ohio with a New Traction on Demand Office

April 29, 2019 – Traction on Demand is excited to officially launch our newest office in Dayton, Ohio. Effective today with the support of the State of Ohio, the Dayton Development Coalition and JobsOhio, we are set to expand our Salesforce consulting and technology implementation services within the community by adding over 80 local jobs in the coming three years. With seven Daytonians already on the team, the new office will provide local Tractionites with the opportunity to establish a greater footprint in the community by building capacity through technology for both commercial and nonprofit organizations.

With a distributed workforce across North America that has grown by more than 700% in the past six years, Traction on Demand is continuing to scale operations to keep pace with the rapid growth and adoption of the Salesforce platform. With proven Salesforce consultants and developers, Dayton’s skilled talent pool, alongside the community’s willingness to support incoming businesses, make the city an attractive hub for all Midwest operations.

“The demand for Salesforce consultants, administrators, developers and experts will continue to increase as the market adopts the platform. Dayton has proven to be a community rich with talented individuals, both with the skills needed and the appetite to further develop their expertise,” says Mike Epner, President of Services at Traction on Demand. “We’re excited to support the region economically and with more skilled jobs that will help individuals build long-lasting careers.”

Traction on Demand’s relationship with the Dayton community began in 2012 when we undertook a digital transformation project with Standard Register (SR). Over the next four years, Traction on Demand and Standard Register continued to work closely, until SR became Charter Communications. Over that period of time, we met some amazing Daytonians and knew we wanted to be a part of the community in the long term. One of those people was Joe Morgan, then CEO of Standard Register, now Founder at siY and still close friend of Traction on Demand.

“Congratulations to the Traction on Demand team for officially joining the Dayton community! I had the great fortune to work directly with Greg Malpass, the CEO of ToD, while CEO at Standard Register as we built a people centered platform using that linked our team more directly with our customers. The Dayton community is fortunate to have this leader join our deeply talented community,” said Morgan.

Fresh off last week’s announcement of being recognized as the Best Workplace in Canada, the Traction on Demand team is excited to bring more Daytonians into the fold and continue to grow both an amazing company and community.

“Traction on Demand is a rapidly growing SaaS company headquartered in Canada, and we are delighted to welcome them and 80 new jobs to Ohio,” said Ted Griffith, JobsOhio managing director for Information Technology. “Dayton is continuously evolving and embracing the latest in innovation, and it is exciting to see Traction on Demand further developing their software solutions with talent from the region.”

About Traction on Demand:
Traction on Demand is one of North America’s largest independent Salesforce consulting and application development firms delivering cross-platform solutions and standalone SaaS products. Traction on Demand provides services to support the design, development, implementation and integration of technology and process. Unlike traditional system integrators, Traction on Demand’s mission is to develop and grow the Salesforce ecosystem through empowering people and enabling organizations.

In addition to professional services, Traction has a suite of SaaS products available, including Traction Guest, Traction Rec, Traction Hierarchies and Traction Complete.

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