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A Day with Habitat for Humanity

Hello, from The Beach, a squad from the service delivery team at Traction on Demand. Our squad’s primary focus is doing great work for non-profit organizations, and our secondary focus is learning and growing together as a team!

We’ve set ourselves a goal of organizing at least one fun team-building event every month, from pitch-and-putt to beer tasting to hiking. Last summer we decided that we wanted some of these events to contain an element of giving back, and so an idea was born. We wanted to help Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver (H4HGV) build housing for local families in need! The only catch – we would need to raise $5,000 to qualify as a corporate giving team.

A Freaky Fundraiser

Luckily, we have some experienced fundraisers and a lot of smart, passionate people on the squad. We turned our October team-building event into a big fundraiser, where we hosted a Hallowe’en Themed Beer O’Clock (Boo-O-Clock) for the Burnaby office to attend. To raise money we organized several spooky contests, ran a Hallowe’en bake sale and auctioned off our possessions in Traction’s “Buy-and-Sell” Chatter group. One of our top voters, CEO Greg Malpass, agreed to wear whatever costume Tractionites voted for, with each $2 ballot adding to the fundraising total.

In the end, Greg humbly dressed himself as a T-Rex and we met our fundraising goal with a total of $5,770! Cheers to everyone who participated in our fundraiser (over 200 people company-wide)!

Thanks to our sponsors from Mainland Massage, R&B Brewing and Spice Photo Booth for supporting our Hallowe’en fundraising efforts!

Time to Build

Earlier this month, our team took the day to visit one of Habitat for Humanity’s build sites in Richmond. We began our day by outfitting ourselves with the proper gear and listening to a safety talk. Shortly after that, we learned all about Habitat for Humanity; they taught us:

  • How the organization gets access to land and building materials.
  • How they select and work with families who need housing.
  • The value of such housing to the community with most of the families that use H4H housing eventually becoming self-sufficient.

And of course, we learned about construction! This particular build site in the heart of Richmond will be the future site of a large group of houses. Each house will be set up with two units – one up and one down.

Having brought such a big team, Habitat for Humanity put us to work on a number of major tasks. The Beach squad tackled these projects the Traction way: through teamwork! We had project managers cutting boards with a circular saw, data specialists checking beam angles and validating that they were level, and solutions consultants hammering in the nails that held it all together.

In all, The Beach squad helped Habitat for Humanity to:

  • Raise a new bathroom wall and secure it in place, preparing it for additional plumbing, electrical and drywall work.
  • Organize donated materials on-site and clean up key areas of the build site so that the build could proceed smoothly.
  • Install two structural beams for the adjacent house: the beams needed to be moved into place, leveled and cut to size.
Until Next Time!

It was such a great experience working together in a new way and a new environment. We learned a lot about the great work that Habitat for Humanity is doing in our community, construction and our team! We can’t wait to get back into the community for another team-building event like this one.

Want to learn more about getting involved with Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver? Check out their website.

Emily Beach, Program ArchitectWritten by Emily Beach, Program Architect

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