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Data Insights and Efficient Quoting with Onyx CenterSource

A leader in B2B payments and business intelligence solutions in the hospitality industry, Onyx CenterSource works with hundreds of thousands of hotels and travel booking providers around the globe. Intricate company hierarchies within the travel industry (hotel chains and franchises under various ownership umbrellas) made it difficult for Onyx to make sense of their Account data. Coupled with this data challenge, Onyx had recently updated their pricing structure to provide greater flexibility to customers, and they needed a quoting solution that would allow for a lot of variation and complexity. Already Salesforce customers, Onyx’s natural next step was to find a partner to help them restructure their data and devise a solution leveraging Salesforce CPQ.

“As a Salesforce Administrator, this project was about expanding my capacity with time and expertise by bringing in experts to help implement best practices,” says Jason Hiatt, Salesforce Administrator at Onyx. “In about a month we were able to build what would have taken me months of work to do alone.”

Learn more about how Onyx CenterSource is uncovering new insights and driving more efficient sales cycles by reading Onyx’s customer success story in full.

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