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Congrats to Canada’s Best Managed

Last night Traction attended the Best Managed Companies awards gala for our second year. The Gala was hosted by Heather Hiscox who is arguably the best CBC anchor of all time.

I must say, this was the best bilingual event I have ever attended. Heather and co-host Dave Kelly seamlessly transitioned from French to English. They did so without typical content repetition and never left those with only one language feeling left out. Bravo.

Randy Bachman wrapped the evening playing all the classic Guess Who hits. When he threw down “Taking Care of Business” to wrap his set, you cannot comprehend the number of grey-haired men in tuxedos holding up their smartphones filming the concert. It was basically Biebs for Boomers.

Congrats to this year’s new honourees and Friends of Traction; WesgroupKingfisher BoatsTrotman Auto Group and Clio. Special congrats to my friend Peter Mazoff and Thinking Capital for their third consecutive year at the table and their recent acquisition by Som Seif’s Purpose Investments.

Now the responsibility that comes with any recognition like this… maintaining status for another year.

Good luck and congrats to everyone who made this list.

Chris Peacock, VP of Marketing + AlliancesWritten by Chris Peacock, VP of Marketing and Alliances

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