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Catch Up on What You Missed at NPSP Day

We recently hosted NPSP Day at our headquarters in Vancouver. This full-day unconference was an amazing community-driven event for attendees to connect with fellow nonprofit Salesforce community members. Here’s a quick rundown of what you missed (but we hope to see you at the next one!).

Personalized Salesforce advice

NPSP Day showcased the diversity of the local Salesforce community. There were participants from small and large organizations, Salesforce veterans and newbies, and both builders and users. Everyone brought a wealth of knowledge to the table, ranging from Salesforce hacks to fundraising reporting practices to productivity tools. A fun activity was “speed-geeking,” a twist on speed dating that replaces awkward small talk with the chance to hear from Salesforce experts on ideas to improve our orgs.

Expert tips

One of the unique benefits of NPSP Day is the chance to connect directly with the people who build the tools that make your life easier. Many attendees wanted to know more about receipting, so Traction on Demand developer Nathan Nirubatharan led a breakout session on Traction Receipting, which is a tool that provides our non-profit clients a way to generate receipts for their donations. With Traction Receipting, you can customize your receipt with a thank you message to your donors, generate a single receipt for a series of recurring donations, and void and replace receipts. Having access to one of the architects of this receipting tool was invaluable for attendees wanting to fire off detailed questions and get answers right away.

Additionally, Beth Breisnes from Salesforce gave us an exclusive sneak peek of new Batch Gift Entry features. Beth demo’d some of the features that had been developed during the months since its showcase at Dreamforce 2018. One new feature is the ability to enter the number of cheques and total gift amount before starting your batch. You can then validate the aggregate of your batch entries against those amounts, which serves as a double-check of the accuracy of your manual entries, helping you avoid duplicate or mistyped entries.

Community building

Throughout the day, we learned about resources to keep us up to speed on everything NPSP. If you haven’t joined The Power of Us Hub yet, make that your first stop for connecting with other NPSP users. And while you’re there, check out the Solution Exchange, where you can hear success stories and get honest feedback from organizations using the tools you may be considering.

For face-to-face interactions, joining your local Salesforce Nonprofit User Group is a great way to continue building community.

Stay tuned for my next blog article on the specific features and tools that will take your nonprofit org to the next level!

Written by Victoria Tang, Nonprofit Cloud Technologist, Traction on Demand.

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