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Connecting Community & Empowering Members: Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

Bandit Tour For Good: Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

Every year since 2013, the Bandit Tour for Good has hit the road to provide probono Salesforce consulting to nonprofits, en route to Dreamforce. Since this year has been anything but ‘typical’, we’ve decided to rethink what’s possible; we’re not only going virtual, we’re going global! 

We’re taking the Bandit For Good Tour across the world, pivoting to provide virtual probono Salesforce services to 19 nonprofits throughout North America, and for the first time, Australia and India.

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

For our fifth and final day of the Bandit Tour for Good 2020, the Traction Bandits visited Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP).

As the national voice of emergency medicine, CAEP provides continuing medical education, advocates on behalf of emergency physicians and their patients, supports research and strengthens the emergency medicine community. 

“Emergency medicine is the light that’s always on.”

With over 2,500 members and a database of approximately 75,000 emergency physicians, CAEP relies on Salesforce to help them champion excellence in Emergency Medicine in Canada through connection, advocacy, education, research and innovation.

Keeping the Light On with Salesforce 

Christina Bova, Senior Manager, Membership and Public Affairs at Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, explained that CAEP adopted Salesforce about a year ago to help manage many of their core processes.

“We hope to expand our usage over time and take better advantage of the many features Salesforce offers,” said Christina. “We’re hoping that the Bandits can help us implement some automations, either in terms of implementation or training, or both!”

“The more the system can do for us, the more we can focus on strategic support.”

Salesforce Expertise: Christina and her team are entirely self-taught on the Salesforce platform and lack the deep platform expertise to set up complex automations and workflows.

Time-Consuming Manual Processes: Due to a lack of platform automations, the CAEP team was being weighed down with a long list of monthly, weekly and daily manual data entry tasks.

Streamlined User Experience: The constituent journey on CAEP’s training and course registration website is somewhat disjointed, making it more difficult for users to seamlessly complete the check-out process. 

Connecting Community, Empowering Members, Driving Innovation with Bandit Tour for Good

“Technology is vital in connecting our members across Canada. Not only through easily purchasing a membership or registering for professional development, but through the potential of community groups and other interactive options on the salesforce platform,” said Christina.

Looking to make the most of their time with CAEP, the Bandits got to work on a series of time-saving solutions and automations to help keep members connected and streamline the user experience.

Streamlined Community Portal: The Bandit’s updated CAEP’s web store community to ensure they’re courses were up to date with the latest COVID-friendly course links. 

Contact Automations: Through a series of platform automations and workflows, the Bandits helped increase efficiency and eliminate time-consuming manual processes such as updating contact information and course.

Creating More Time to Focus on What Matters Most

Throughout their Bandit Tour experience, Christina said everyone was approachable, enthusiastic and supportive. 

“We’re a relatively small nonprofit whose stakeholders are emergency physicians, but by proxy, it’s the general public who benefit when emergency department work is optimized,” said Christina. 

“It was amazing to be selected and our ability to serve our members has improved as a result. The Bandit’s helped us optimize how Salesforce supports our membership, in turn allowing doctors to focus on what matters most, patient care.” 

Keeping up With The Bandits

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