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Bring a Little Holiday Joy to Seasonal Hiring

The clock struck twelve and in the span of a dozen chimes, October 31st faded to November 1st, sending brick-and-mortar stores across North America into chaos. Halloween decorations and costumes were shoved to the darkest, dustiest corners of department stores, no longer needed or wanted. The countdown to Starbucks’ holiday drinks ticked down to zero and everyone forgot about their cherished pumpkin spice lattes. Michael Bublé barricaded himself in his bedroom against the onslaught of incoming royalties. The holiday season had begun. So too, had the race for holiday sales and seasonal hiring.

Much attention and advice is given every year to sales, marketing and customer service for businesses looking to make the most of the holiday season, and rightfully so. However, the holidays also represent a massive mobilization of seasonal hires. In 2017, Amazon hired more than 120,000 temporary employees for the holiday season. So did Target. Not every business needs to hire thousands of temporary workers, but many are pushing their hiring and onboarding infrastructure to its limits. Whether or not some or all seasonal hires end up leaving after the holidays, they still act as brand ambassadors and are expected to uphold company policies for the duration of their tenure. So, how can organizations provide a consistent and effective onboarding experience to hordes of seasonal workers, all during the busiest time of the year?

Streamline Holiday Onboarding with Salesforce

One of our clients is a major name in Canadian fashion retail, with over sixty physical locations. Every year, they hire more than 1000 seasonal workers to meet holiday demands. With so many new workers, maintaining a strong brand identity could be challenging, so they turned to Traction on Demand and Salesforce for a solution that would drive user adoption and consistency. As they had planned, their customized Community Cloud solution developed into a major communication and engagement hub for employees, helping new workers ramp up their training in time for the holiday rush. In just four weeks, the community solution was rolled out across fifty stores for more than 3000 employees, deployed without any in-person training and optimized for mobile. To find out more about how you can better prepare your organization for seasonal hiring, read the full customer success story.


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