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It’s Time to Treat Your Employees Like You Do Your Customers

With smiles all around, it’s hard to tell who’s from Traction on Demand and who’s a customer. 

Want your employees to stick around? Then stop treating them like employees in the traditional sense. Instead, start treating them with the same consideration you give your customers. Every company talks about how people are their most important asset; yet few companies actually put their money where their mouth is. It’s time to invest in tech in order to track the employee journey just as you would the customer journey.

Sure, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms already exist but customization is difficult and they can be quite costly to implement. What HR teams need is an intuitive, easily customizable option at a lower price point. Something that is already configured to follow the employee journey from even before hire to retire. Something like Traction ERM (Employee Relationship Management).

Watch this short video to learn more about our ERM platform.

Follow the employee journey like you do the customer journey

For any company, it’s all about the customer. But take a break from the customer journey for a moment, and shift your focus to the employee journey. There are more parallels than you may think. If the customer journey goes something like — leads are identified, nurtured and maintained after the service has been delivered — then the employee journey is very similar. Candidates are attracted and prospected (through LinkedIn or Glassdoor, for example), onboarded as their journey continues and retained as “happy customers,” so to speak. In both journeys, a great experience will amount to referrals for new business or prospective employees — huge benefits to any company.

“There is more pressure on HR than ever before to operate like a revenue-driving department.”

There is more pressure on HR than ever before to operate like a revenue-driving department. But they are not being given the tools to help support or even track the diverse needs of their employees. Typically, information lives in disparate systems, making it difficult for HR to strategically advise on the business and create opportunities for discussion on the topics that matter most to their people. With employee data better organized in an ERM platform, not only will retention likely increase but so will the success of the overall business.

Your data is already there, waiting to be used (maybe)

Companies are doing whatever they can to track and nurture every point of contact they have with a customer from the lead to account stage. They do this by leveraging A.I., visualizing analytics and analyzing CSATs, among other things, to put the customer experience at the forefront and keep pushing their business into the future. In contrast, the employee journey — especially from a data standpoint — is something that has been sadly neglected. Companies should be doing more to leverage employee behavioural data from the beginning to end of every journey cycle.

“You really need an ERM platform to consolidate and analyze the data for you, so you can plan for company goals and troubleshoot people challenges.”

But you can’t leverage data if you don’t even have a system to collect it. And there really isn’t any other way to make any kind of company decision — business or people — without cold, hard numbers. You really need an ERM platform to consolidate and analyze the data for you, so you can plan for company goals and troubleshoot people challenges.

Case study: building an ERM for Traction on Demand

Traction on Demand searched for already existing options to integrate into the organization but we were unsuccessful in finding anything that aligned with our values and culture. We were looking specifically for something that would put the human experience at the forefront, while also leveraging technology effectively. Not finding anything available commercially just meant that we ended up building our own system on the Saleforce platform.

Traction on Demand realized a growing need in the market, and in our customer’s organizations, for a better HR technology solution. We’re excited to introduce our newest accelerator, set to transform how companies treat their employees and how HR teams use the Salesforce platform: Traction ERM.

Traction on Demand has been recognized by the Canadian HR Awards for several years running for our applied use of technology in the HR space. Beyond the outside recognition of this solution, it has helped us run a more thoughtful and efficient HR practice.

What are the challenges your organization is facing? Get in touch and let’s come up with solutions.

Manu VarmaWritten by Manu Varma, People and Culture Subject Matter Expert at Traction on Demand.

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