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Having Ranked Top Ten for Six Years, Traction on Demand Grabs the #1 Spot as Best Workplace in Canada

2014 marked the first year we applied to be named a Great Place to Work in Canada. The application process began in the fall of 2013 when we were about 65 people. We had just moved from a warehouse in Port Moody to our current office in Burnaby, where we occupied a fraction of one floor.

Fast forward to April 2019; ToD is approaching 600 Tractionites globally and while we still occupy the same floor in Burnaby, we’ve added two more levels, five offices across North America and our first overseas location in Jaipur, India.

That first year, we were humbled to be recognized as the third best workplace in Canada and we’ve worked hard to keep our spot in the top ten ever since. Today, we’re humbled, honoured and excited to announce that Traction on Demand has been named the best workplace in Canada for companies with 100-999 employees.

We’re truly honoured to be considered alongside 149 incredible organizations who are helping set a new standard for Canadian workplaces. And while we recognize the impact these organizations are making in Canada, we also want to celebrate the people inside our company who helped us become a Best Workplace and be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Immediately following the announcement, a wave of excitement erupted through our internal Slack channels:

  • “YES! The commitment of each person in the organization to quality, joy, and teamwork no matter how big we are is what makes this happen. THANK YOU ALL!!!” – Emily Beach
  • “We’ve been gearing up for that number for 6 years team, it has not been a small effort and we’ve lead with our hearts the whole way. #sofrickingproud” – Asa Nerelius
  • “Words cannot express how freaking proud I am to work with such an incredible groups of human beings. You guys…WE DID IT!!! I can barely type this my hands are shaking so much. SO proud of all us!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!!” – Tanya Jarrett
  • “Ah-mazing!!!! What a place! What people!” – Nara Henderson
  • “Boom! Never doubt what we can accomplish together.” – Greg Owen

And a few more well crafted thoughts from after the excitement wore down:

  • “As an organization that has been built to serve those that work here, to help them build careers, be innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs, this recognition serves as validation that we’re doing things right.” – Chris Peacock, CMO
  • “We are honored to be recognized as the Best Workplace in Canada alongside 149 incredible organizations that are due tribute for their role as leaders of the employee-first revolution. I believe strongly in the Great Place to Work program because the results are built using data collected from the people that matter most to me: Tractionites. My hope is that this incredible community continues to do the right thing; to prove people and profit can be mutual goals and continue to raise the bar on what it means to be a Great Place to Work.” – Greg Malpass, Founder & CEO

We’re grateful to be recognized with this honour and to be a part of such an amazing group of organizations in Canada.

Investing in Trust

The GPTW rankings are developed using The Great Place to Work® Trust Model© and are largely dependent on results from the Trust Index© Employee Survey. This is a major reason we’ve continued to invest in this program over the last six years. As Greg notes above, this feedback and recognition comes directly from Tractionites and the data provides our organization with the insight needed to evolve and develop greater levels of trust across our community.

Here are a few ToD survey results that were highlighted in today’s The Globe and Mail Special Report:

  • 98% of employees feel good about the ways they contribute to the community
  • 98% of employees feel management is honest and ethical in business practices
  • 100% of employees have confidence in their executive team’s judgement

While we can’t climb past number one on the list, we can certainly strive to be better by continuing to invest in our people, their ideas and our community. Congratulations again to a great community of individuals and organizations.

To celebrate, here are a few of our favourite memories.

Great Place to Work 2019 - Bandits

The 2018 Bandit Tour team takes a break along the Oregon Coast, heading from Vancouver to San Francisco for Dreamforce.

Our favourite satin jackets worn by our nonprofit team at Dreamforce 2018.

Arnold Bernardo pondering how he’s going to get back down. ?

Another year of the Bandit Tour’s stop while heading down the Oregon Coast. We’ll never tire of this drive.

The MAC Team serves up dinner during a Plenty of Plates event at Save-On-Meats in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

See the press release on today’s announcement.

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