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Bandit Tour for Good 2019 Diary: Portland

The Bandit Tour for Good hit Portland to work with With Love, a nonprofit that makes sure children under the age of six are treated with dignity and empowered during their time with foster families.

Upon arrival, Allie Roth, the founder and president at With Love, greeted the Bandits with open arms and took them through With Love’s volunteer sign-in process. This helped us understand the pain points the organization feels with the current system.

We were asked to sign waivers, scan a QR code on the wall and then fill out yet another form from our phone. Data from the online form is stored in one system, separate from the rest of their data, which they manually move over to a Google Sheet.

In order to better manage their visitor process, the Bandits set them up with Volunteers for Salesforce to efficiently schedule and manage their volunteers. You can learn all about how With Love worked with the Bandits in their recap video.

Working in the Warehouse With Love

While Madi, Leanne and Fatma were training With Love’s administrative staff on the system and process updates, the remainder of the Bandits got to work in the warehouse pulling care packages for kids who are partnered with foster families.

These care packages move beyond a pair of socks and a change of clothes; each With Love package is carefully put together to consider each child’s interests and preferences. Volunteers pick out seven outfits, a few pairs of shoes, toys, books and consumable products like shampoo and toothpaste, along with any items the foster family may need such as a car seat or stroller.

The best part about the program is that foster families can get updated care packages every 90 days from With Love. When Allie started With Love, she quickly realized that the stipend from the state of Oregon was nowhere near enough to support a child, which is why they provide the quarterly care packages. This program ensures that the children have the opportunity to just feel like kids.

Why is this so important? Allie told the Bandits that one in every 100 children under the age of six in Oregon is in a foster home, which is double the national average in the United States. With Love’s programming is trying to improve a difficult situation by supporting the children and making fostering a slightly more accessible option for families in Oregon.

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