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Bandit Tour Diary from the Road: Portland

“On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…”

The Bandits were Portland-bound, on a mission to make a difference for two inspiring non-profits dedicated to making lasting change. Kai Williams, Executive Director of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC), and Julissa Favela hopped onboard the Airstream to collaborate with our team. The IWRC provides science-based education and resources on wildlife rehabilitation to promote wildlife conservation and welfare worldwide. Traction offered best practices for membership renewal automation and leveraging dashboards to gauge educational program quality. Deanna Foukal, a Strategic Solutions Manager at Traction had this to say about our work together, “it is so inspiring to see how passionate they are about their work. Even small adjustments we are making to their Salesforce instance are going to save their team so much time that they can redirect toward program development and expanding their mission.”

Bandit Tour For Good Day2 Jesse Nuyts
Live music to brighten a grey day in Portland? Yes, please.

The EPIK Project is a mobilization strategy and national leader in the anti-trafficking movement. Together with Justin Euteneier, EPIK’s Program Director, Traction worked on ways to build analytics and reporting from the buyer data collected by their thousands of volunteers.

These two projects had six Tractionites engaged through the morning, so what were the other Bandits doing? Random acts of kindness (RAKs) of course! The best part of RAKs is that they are more or less unplanned. You show up and let the conditions determine what happens next. Often the weather dictates and today was a blistery and wet morning in Portland. We headed to the waterfront with a guitar and good spirits. Stocked up with hot chocolate carafes from Groundwork and Clif Bars surprising local bikers, walkers and joggers braving the wind and rain. All while our own Bandit, Jesse Nuyts, played the classics on his acoustic to brighten the day even more.

Our last stop of the day before reaching our destination, the beautiful Oregon sand dunes. Now off to Coos Bay to meet with the Surfrider Foundation tomorrow!

Åsa Nerelius, People and Culture Specialist at Traction on DemandWritten by Åsa Nerelius, People and Culture Specialist at Traction on Demand

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