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Bandit Tour for Good 2019 Diary: Vancouver, BC

For the team at Traction on Demand, the Bandit Tour for Good is our opportunity to give what we’re good at (our Salesforce consulting services), learn the stories of some incredible nonprofits and enable these same organizations to do more good with the help of technology. Beyond our pro-bono consulting services, the Bandit Tour enables us to make a tangible impact in each city we visit.

This year, the tour kicked off in Vancouver with pro-bono Salesforce consulting for local nonprofits and volunteering. We set up the Trans Am and Airstream at Save On Meats, a butcher-turned-diner in the city’s Downtown Eastside.

Upon arrival, the Bandits got straight to work, supporting six local nonprofits with their Salesforce know-how. They worked with:

We recapped the Vancouver nonprofit consulting in a video.

Meals create community

While some of Bandits were supporting nonprofits with consulting services, the other Bandits and our friends from Vidyard spent the afternoon handing out Save On Meats sandwich tokens and Bomba socks to community members.

This time gave us the chance to connect with and learn from those in the neighbourhood. It seems like just about everyone has a story to share when they see the Trans Am.

To wrap up the day, several Bandits, our partners from Vidyard and a few members of the Vancouver Salesforce team, joined forces to serve a Plenty of Plates meal with A Better Life Foundation. This initiative provides Downtown Eastside residents the opportunity to sit in a restaurant, socialize with peers and eat a much needed balanced meal.

With A Better Life Foundation, we learned that dinner or a sandwich is more than a meal — food creates connections within a community. With each course, diners opened up, connecting and sharing their stories. By the end of the evening, the entire restaurant was full of chatter and laughter.

Tractionites have participated in Plenty of Plates in the past, but the best part of the meal is when each volunteer shares their experience after the diners leave. For this year’s volunteers, the biggest takeaway was how important it is to create a space for individuals to connect.

Share the stories as the Bandit Tour for Good makes its way from Vancouver to Dreamforce 2019. You can follow along on our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) at #BanditTour2019.

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