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Bandit Tour for Good 2019 Diary: Seattle

Last year, the Bandit Tour for Good had the pleasure of working with Stephanie, the database administrator from Teen Feed. This organization provides homeless youth in Seattle with access to critical services and resources, including their daily meal program.

We loved working with the Teen Feed team so much that we did something we’ve never done before on the Bandit Tour for Good. We partnered with the organization once again to support them with their Salesforce instance and volunteered in the Teen Feed kitchen, preparing meals for its guests.

By supporting Teen Feed in two very different (and equally important) capacities, the Bandits gained a tangible understanding of the work the organization does, and the impact technology has on driving the nonprofit’s mission forward.

Teen Feed’s Three-Pronged Approach to Support Seattle Youth

In the kitchen, the Bandits met Teen Feed’s Outreach Manager, Gloria Antonio. She shared the importance of providing Seattle’s youth with reliable relationships and how the daily meals are just one method to build connections.

Gloria continued and spoke about how the meals pair with their outreach program (a familiar face checking in on guests outside Teen Feed’s facilities) and the extended service program to help youth access core resources to find shelter, a job or health support. The three-pronged program helps young adults build trust in the organization over time.

Like the Bandits’ learnings at Plenty of Plates in Vancouver, a meal (or in Teen Feed’s case consistent daily meals) is just a starting point to build strong connections. Teen Feed has developed an incredible community of guests and volunteers, that guests will return as volunteers for the organization that they used to rely on.

While half of the Bandits were in the kitchen making nutritious and filling meals, two other Bandits (Fatma and Matt) were supporting Stephanie by automating their thank-you process for donations. This automation, along with the report support, opens up the Teen Feed’s administrative team to focus even more energy into the programs that directly support Seattle’s young people.

Jump to our video recap to learn how the Bandits supported Teen Feed and Bloodworks NW with Salesforce consulting services.

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