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A Dream Three Years in the Making for this Bandit

Anthony Azar (right) and Chris Karpyszyn get the Bandit party started.

“Every year, we do a road trip down the west coast of Canada and the US. We stop in different cities along the way to do pro bono Salesforce implementation work for nonprofits,” she told me as we sat in a dimly lit cafe.

“You do?”

This was over three years ago and I was considering a job with Traction on Demand.

“Yeah. Greg’s vision has always been that business can be a force for good. Travelling to Dreamforce every year provided us with a great excuse to stop in all these cities and make a difference. We call it the Bandit Tour for Good,” said my friend who had joined Traction a year before me.

I was astounded. What if I could join this organization that made giving back such a priority? What if I could be a Bandit?

Fast forward three years, 300 hundred people, thousands of Salesforce projects and over $1 million in nonprofit service grants — we’ve accomplished a ton. Now, Bandit Tour 2018 has just begun. This year, we kicked things off at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, British Columbia where some of us did a shoreline cleanup while others met with our first two nonprofits: Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver and BC Wheelchair Sports Association.

You can’t miss us on the road! This ’73 Airstream trailer has been converted into a mobile office.


Like companies, data is also at the core of how modern nonprofits operate. Both of these organizations were looking for support in leveraging their data. Our team worked with Big Brothers to clean up their data and help them with their data governance strategy. By removing the data that just wasn’t useful for them anymore, they will now be able to communicate better with their volunteers and donors. For BC Wheelchair Sports, they have the data they need but our team helped them understand how to use it in order to make the membership renewal process more seamless and to recognize which membership levels are most important for their community.

While all this was going on, the rest of us Bandits were getting ready to hit the road on the way to Seattle to meet with more nonprofits.

This year, I’m a Bandit. I’m grateful. I get to do good with my friends — friends who I work with.

Dreams do come true.

There will be more updates from the road soon.

Written by Anthony Azar, Talent Attraction Manager, Traction on Demand.

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