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Winter ’17 Release Notes: 5 Features You’ll Warm Up To

Three times a year, Salesforce adds new features and functionality to the platform and it’s time once again for their latest installment – the Winter 2017 Release Notes. While we suggest you take a look through the release notes in their entirety, here are the top five features for Winter ’17 according to the Torq Systems delivery team.

5. Lightning field help text
It’s back! The field-level assistance that was only available in Salesforce Classic can now be viewed in Lightning. To access this feature, simply hover over the info icon next to a field to reveal help text.



Field-level help can be very useful to help maintain consistency in your data and when ramping up new Salesforce users.

4. Identify and merge duplicate leads
While “search before create” (checking to make sure a record doesn’t already exist before creating a new one) is ingrained in our methodology at Traction on Demand, sometimes a little reminder can be helpful. With any license that is Salesforce Professional and above, you can now view and merge potential duplicate leads within your org as you come across them. Salesforce will identify potential matches and then a sales rep can merge the records with the most accurate information.

3. Relate contacts to multiple accounts
Relating contacts to multiple accounts has been a Salesforce feature since Summer 2016. But with Winter 2017, it becomes even more powerful and makes the many-to-many model an easy choice. This feature now supports triggers and validation rules, and can now be viewed, created and edited from Community Builder-based templates.

2. Community templates
Salesforce has really kicked up template-driven Communities up a notch in Winter 2017! They’ve renamed the Napili template to Customer Service and added new components, topic capabilities and more! Check out pages 244-258 in the release notes for more.

Our favourite feature is that Reports and Dashboards can now be added to Community Pages. This means that you can now share important metrics and charts directly with your Community. Taking this one step further, Salesforce amped up the Community Builder Wizard to help make the entire process customizable and reusable. This means that we are able to use CSS, design elements and packaged Lightning components to create communities that are truly tailored to meet your needs.

1. Wave for Service Cloud

We love the power that Wave Analytics brought to Sales Cloud and aren’t ashamed to admit that we got giddy when we heard that the Service Wave Analytics app was ready to go. Complete with dashboards to help you dive into your Service Cloud data, this app will help your service team provide the best customer service with thorough insights into case load, performance and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.


Salesforce has added these five features plus more to make your life a little easier and to help you get the most from the platform. If you want to learn how these features might fit into your Salesforce org, please get in touch with our experts here.

resize-sara-dicksonWritten by Sara Dickson, Torq business solutions consultant at Traction on Demand.

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