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4 Strategies For Nonprofits to Navigate the Next Normal

4 Strategies For Nonprofits to Navigate the Next Normal

Written by

Jessica Langelaan

VP Nonprofit Solutions, Traction on Demand

“Safeguarding the long-term success of nonprofit organizations relies on more than a reopening strategy. It requires us to tackle the next normal for fundraising, engagement and programs, while also considering the needs of employees, volunteers, program participants and other constituents.”

The pandemic has brought instability, change and fear to all of us, both professionally and personally. It’s changed our sense of stability and certainty, our relationships, interactions and the way we work.

At Traction on Demand, we’ve experienced it with you and have done our best to support our customers as they made drastic changes to their operations. We brought initiatives forward as part of our Respond Together approach including our Traction Thrive Critical Care Resource Management application, Traction Gather virtual event platform and COVID-19 Supply Hub.

Now, our customers, communities and teams are preparing for the next phase of response; we’re still in uncharted waters, but ready to move forward. Conversations are evolving and it is imperative to become a digital first organization to deliver on the need of virtual engagement now and for the future. 

A clear and renewed digital engagement strategy for employees, constituents and volunteers is key to evolving for the future and our next normal; Forward Together.

In response to the needs of companies and organizations alike, Salesforce and have launched — a series of solutions that enables organizations to safely and efficiently reopen their communities and workplaces. Traction on Demand is here to support any organization ready to take the important next steps into the next normal.

Learn more about and our Forward Together solutions here.

Safeguarding the long-term success of nonprofit organizations relies on more than a reopening strategy. It requires us to consider what the next normal looks like for fundraising, engagement and programs, while considering the needs of employees, volunteers, program participants and other constituents.

Here’s our take on the key to navigating your next normal:

1. Fundraising

  • Focus on digital by pivoting to virtual events, optimizing online fundraising and focusing on tools to support constituents and relationship-based fundraising remotely.
  • Prioritize quality data by bringing data management solutions and “foundational fixes” to the forefront, to ensure existing technology is fully leveraged. The goal here is to “work smarter and not harder”. Focus on analytics with intentional reports and dashboards for fundraising teams.
  • Become constituent-centric by focusing on organizational alignment around your core constituent personas. Be strategic and intentional about your use of technology by establishing a success charter and defining a clear roadmap for a digital-first, constituent-centric approach.

Solutions & Products to Support Fundraising

  • Traction Gather: a virtual event and community platform built by Traction on Demand on the Salesforce Communities platform.
  • Insights: a new offering from to help your organization streamline and automate data management processes, improving the quality of your constituent information.
  • Accounting Subledger: a new package installed on top of NPSP that will generate ledger entries for Opportunities and Payments and reduce data entry and risk of duplication when integrated with our finance system.

2. Engagement

  • Build targeted engagement by enabling a central command center to manage social content and actions. Go beyond engagement by analyzing social media conversations and operationalizing your model for response.
  • Deepen understanding of performance and drive focus through performance metrics and an acquisition strategy. Analyze your investment and output in one  central location and expand your audience with intentional targeting.
  • Build a clear plan across channels by centralizing communications across the organization. Build an intentional, strategic plan to address how to best reach customers at the right time, on the right channel with the right message.

Solutions & Products to Support Engagement

3. Impact & Program Delivery

  • Add-in virtual program delivery to provide program content without having to be in the same physical space. Consider an approach that contributes to your overall impact and a larger engagement strategy.
  • Track impact of program delivery in the next normal. Embed impact measurement to gain insight into how changes in program delivery has shifted measurable progress on your theory of change.
  • Re-imagine programs and their delivery, alongside reaffirming your target constituent base for the greatest impact and delivery on your mission.

Solutions & Products to Support Program Delivery

  • Salesforce Communities: a highly customizable community hub that provides easy access to resources, apps, solutions, expert advice and more.
  • Program & Case Management: an application that helps businesses and nonprofits manage their customer interactions across social media and other digital channels such as email and contact forms.
  • Socialsuite: helps organizations monitor the impact and effectiveness of their programs and mission delivery.

4. Mental Wellness

  • Understand and monitor mental wellbeing of employees, volunteers and participants. Support their transition to next normal by empowering individuals to better understand what motivates them and enabling leaders to understand the changing sentiment of their teams.
  • Enable employee and guest check-in for offices and program spaces to manage changing maximum capacities, assist with contact tracing and monitor visitors throughout the pandemic.

Solutions & Products to Support Mental Wellness

  • Traction on Demand’s sentiment tracking platform that empowers organizations to capture real-time context-sensitive sentiment to track, measure and analyze how employees feel about their day-to-day activities.
  • Traction Guest: a visitor management system that enables organizations to manage and track site capacity and visitor movement.
  • a suite of solutions from Salesforce – including apps, products and resources – that are designed to help organizations and communities reopen workplaces safely and efficiently.

Your Next Normal

While no one knows exactly what the next normal will look like, one thing’s certain: the way we engage must change. For many nonprofits, successfully navigating the next phase will require more than a focus on employees and facilities; it requires a fundamental change to their fundraising, engagement and impact strategies.

Rest assured, whatever your next normal looks like, we’re ready and willing to help. Reach out to one of our nonprofit experts and discuss how to best leverage technology to impart long-lasting change.

Your Next Normal Starts Here

Rest assured, whatever your next normal looks like, we’re ready and willing to help.

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