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New Month, New Me: 30 Days to a bettr.me

New Month, New Me: 30 Days to a bettr.me

Written by

Manu Varma

Principal Strategist – Customer Enablement, Traction on Demand

While January is typically the month when everyone sets goals in the hope that we can do better – and be better – in the future, we’re setting a new standard: why wait until the New Year to set goals? Join our monthly challenge, 30 Days to a bettr.me. 

The Rise of Journalling

According to Rochester University, journaling can help you deal with stress, anxiety and improve productivity and creativity. “It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.” In 2021, daily journaling was also one of the most common new years resolutions. So what’s all the hype about?

Perhaps you kept a diary as a child? It was a place to keep track of your thoughts and feelings, it made the world seem a little clearer. You may have stopped using a diary many years ago (at least the lockable kind, hidden under the bed), but the same benefits still apply as adults.

Try a bettr type of journaling this month


bettr.me is a platform – born out of a need to not only improve efficiency, but to give individual team members a voice so they can become more self-aware and empowered. Fundamentally, bettr.me allows users to record and track my sentiment on my daily work. Conceptually, think of bettr.me as a digital journal for the workplace. It capitalizes on the benefits of connection and validation which drives social interaction, combined with the values of traditional journaling, bringing inspiration and introspection to the forefront. 

This labour of love has been a five-year investment for Traction On Demand and 800 of its staff – capturing over two-million hours of true-life workplace data, metrics and analytics in the process. 

New You, New Management Style

2020 was a year of unique challenges. Most likely, the goals and resolutions you set at the end of 2019 did not work out exactly as planned. As we look ahead in 2021, what lessons can we as leaders learn about making resolutions that matter? 

According to Gallup, employee engagement is a good place to start. In their State of the Global Workplace report, they find that only 15 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace. This means that the majority of employees around the world are either viewing their workplace negatively or only doing the bare minimum to make it through the day, with little to no emotional attachment.

The month for bettr management 

bettr.me analyzes how you spend your time, gives insights, content and suggestions to help you live well, reach your potential and increase your overall enjoyment at work.


bettr.me is also a self and peer mentoring experience, assisted by Artificial Intelligence. Studies have repeatedly shown that mentoring constellations can be more powerful than traditional mentorships. bettr.me helps find unexpected and unlikely mentors in your network with integrations to share challenges, successes, tips and content.

For managers, bettr.me alerts you when there are projects, teams or individuals that need extra attention – without the need to micromanage.

Putting Mental Wellness at the Forefront

Mental health and wellness is an important conversation that has only been exacerbated by COVID-19. As employees shift to remote work (some permanently), many are suffering from increased stress, anxiety and depression. A recent study by the Canadian Mental Health Association found that 40 per cent of Canadians say their mental health has deteriorated since March 2020. 

Now is the time for companies to move past advocating for mental wellness, and actually be accountable for it.

bettr mental wellness

By capturing real-time, context-sensitive sentiment — bettr.me puts the power of identity, inclusion and mental wellness in the hands of companies and team members; resulting in a greater company-wide understanding of what joy means to each individual member and subsequently, provides predictive ability to ensure that customer satisfaction stays high.

This human-centric platform provides leading indicators of quality and engagement, by unleashing the strengths, desires and capacity of team members – while providing suggestions on how each individual can bettr invest their time on tasks they actually enjoy taking on.

What’s more, bettr.me micro coaching pushes out content through video, podcast article to employees based on their sentiment to help coach individuals when they need it. What’s more is that is content can be 100% curated from the client, so not only general psychology, behavioural science content is available, but also internal coaching, best practices, playbooks, training and development can also be pushed to employees in real time.

Ready for a bettr 2021?

From our own five-year research (and counting), we found that the biggest driver of overall wellbeing at work, came as a result of people working on work that’s meaningful to them. By putting our people in the driver’s seat and mental health at the forefront, we’ve seen how the bettr platform empowers individuals to not spend, but rather, invest their time in a life well-lived. We also have been able to predict when customer accounts will escalate based on employee sentiment and the tool creates alerts to help avoid these “red” accounts.

Moreover, this is about more than just bridging social distance. This is about inclusion for all employees. And that’s rewarding far beyond the bottom line.

Want to learn how you can help guide your company to a bettr place? Get in touch, we’d love to show you a demo, and help you towards 30 days for a bettr.me, with a free trial. We are confident you will see value quickly.

Time for bettr

Get in touch, we’d love to show you a demo, and help you towards 30 days for a bettr.me, with a free trial.

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