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3 Solutions for Nonprofits for Giving Season (and Beyond)

3 Ways Traction on Demand can Support You This Giving Season (and Beyond)

Written by

Jessica Langelaan

VP Nonprofit Solutions, Traction on Demand

This year, more than most, it feels as though we’re all looking to the future; the next month that might bring the change we seek to move forward and beyond the health and economic impacts of the pandemic. And yet, Fall is suddenly here and our work, schools and communities still feel very different from a year ago.

This giving season, to make managing common challenges easier and more cost-effective, we’ve invested in accelerators and offerings that will help your organization accelerate into the new year.

SUPPORT: Get proactive ongoing support

Maybe your Salesforce administrator is also your top fundraiser. Maybe you have a list of requirements and reports, which, unlike the spider plant withering away on your desk, continues to grow at a frightening pace. You don’t need more hours in the day, you need Traction Extend

Our goal with Traction Extend is to build your organizational capacity by partnering you with an Extend Champion from the pool of experts at Traction on Demand. Our Extend Champions become an extension of your internal team, dedicated to unlocking value from Salesforce and letting you focus on raising the funds this fall that drive your greatest impact. 

Learn more about Traction Extend here.

SUBLEDGER: Improve your financial integration for January 2021

Are you manually reconciling transactions between Salesforce and your financial system; swivel-chairing and cross-checking to make sure there are no mistakes? Well, Accounting Subledger is the solution to the misalignment between fundraising and finance! 

The fall is an ideal time to plan the implementation of the Accounting Subledger. Leverage this critical time to ensure you have a solid system of record for revenue tracking so you can start the new calendar year fresh, with accurate giving information across your fundraising and financial systems and most importantly, reliable giving histories to support your donors.

Accounting Subledger is a new package installed on top of NPSP that will generate ledger entries for Opportunities and Payments, designed to be sent to an external accounting system.

This feature helps facilitate the preparation of your fundraising information for your accounting system with the hopes of saving fundraising and finance significant time and effort on reconciliation tasks by aligning data and connecting systems to ensure a single source of truth for revenue and payment data. 

Donor and constituent centricity is now more important than ever, with donors expecting personalized and customized engagement and stewardship. Having reliable giving information in your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and financial systems is essential to supporting the fundraising needs of the future.

Learn more in our Accounting Subledger Deep-Dive blog.

RECONNECT: Create a virtual community for giving season

Finding a safe way to connect with your constituents and community has never been more important; or more difficult. If you haven’t already thought about creating a virtual hub for your constituents, now is the perfect time to check out Traction Gather.  

With Traction Gather, you can effortlessly bring all your virtual events, live streams, classes, programs, and on-demand content into one digital hub. By leveraging the Salesforce Communities platform, you’ll be able to use powerful data insights to drive more engagement with constituents – wherever they may be.


Read how Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland (JCC) is keeping their community connected with Salesforce and Traction Gather. 

“We can now add value to our membership by offering virtual live programming as well as an extensive library of pre-recorded sessions with the instructors that our members know and love.”

Jill Davidson, Mandel JCC of Cleveland

Learn more about the Traction Gather platform here.

The Road to Reopening

Is the fall feeling a little more complicated with re-opening the office? Do you need support to navigate the decisions to return to the office, manage visitors and program participants? We can help. We’ve taken off our yoga pants, and put on our pencil skirts and thought through what we all need to return to the office.

We’ve created this guide –  alongside a suite of essential solutions  –  to provide technology, insights, and expert advice to help you safely reopen, build new capabilities, and enable lasting change. 

Your Giving Season Strategy

Get in touch with one of our nonprofit experts to see how you can tailor the above solutions to your unique needs and timeframes. We’re ready to get going when you are!

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