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3 Quick Questions for a Nonprofit We Love: Thrive

Every month, we feature a nonprofit that we have loved working with. This month, we’re continuing with this year’s TractionForce theme and asking Thrive (formerly Organics for Orphans) about how the idea of the Collective Why plays into their organizational decision-making.

Name: James Woller
Position: International Executive Director
Organization: Thrive

1) What role does technology play in driving your mission forward?

At the core of our mission, we are a team of world-changers that transfers knowledge by educating trainers to transform communities to be disease-fighting and income-generating through sustainable organic agriculture and natural medicine. We have strategically leveraged multiple technology platforms to “scale-up” our impact.

Today, there are so many technological platforms that can assist in the movement to eradicate poverty, and we have the privilege and opportunity to take advantage of them to spread our impact to the poorest of the world. We have amazing partners, like Traction on Demand, SalesForce and Unbounce, that have joined our mission in making technology accessible. With the Power of Us Hub and learning portals, and places like a Community Cloud, we can serve those impoverished like never before.

“Our ability to expand and impact lives in need is greater than ever due to technological improvements. “

One of our values is to be lean and efficient, which we aim to do by using all forms of technology. We use Smartsheet for organizational purposes to keep track of our actions and tasks. Salesforce drives our operations and our ability to create transparency and truth of data for reporting and evaluating, giving us incredible insight to create better impact. G Suite allows us to work collaboratively and efficiently as a team. Communication platforms have provided us with a space for increased communications and accountability.

Our ability to expand and impact lives in need is greater than ever due to technological improvements.

2) How does your Collective Why guide your organizational decision-making?

The very reason we exist is that we HATE poverty. We are creating momentum of a movement of like-minded world changers. Together, we strive for a world where people do not live in poverty—this drives everything that we do.

Our decisions are also guided by our strategic plan, values, mission and vision statements. Every decision that is made brings us closer to our goal of eradicating extreme poverty through a sustainable natural-food and holistic-health network.

3) Does your organization’s Collective Why ever change? If so, how often do you come together to re-examine your Collective Why?

No, our Collective Why does not change as it is the very nature of our vision, in essence, being part of a movement that ends extreme poverty in our lifetime. Annually, we do come together to re-examine how we can scale our Collective Why and expand our impact.

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