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3 Quick Questions for a Nonprofit We Love: SKETCH Working Arts

Every month, we feature a nonprofit that we have loved working with. This month, we’re touching base with SKETCH Working Arts based in Toronto.

Name: Allie Harvey
Position: Database Administrator
Organization: SKETCH Working Arts

Traction on Demand and SKETCH Working Arts first crossed paths when we helped your organization implement Salesforce and integrate the Nonprofit Success Pack. How have your operations transformed since then?

Salesforce has provided us with more thorough reporting on a much wider variety of matrixes, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of our resource development and marketing efforts, and of the success of our offerings. This capacity makes it possible for SKETCH to better track, support and tell the story of our impact.

Constituents: New cross-object reporting capabilities allow us to look at the demographics and identify the needs of our program attendees against their participation patterns, and to tailor our program offerings accordingly. For example, being able to sort data by a participant’s ethnicity, sexual orientation or health challenge has allowed us to identify the need for further programming and referrals for LGBTQ+ identified youth, youth of colour and youth dealing with issues related to mental health, helping us directly advance SKETCH’s mission.

Donors: Through new workflows created by integrating our existing iATS account into Salesforce, and NPSP’s existing mail merge abilities, we have automated data entry and management processes, allowing us to focus time and energy on maintaining current donor relations and building new relationships with funders. Also, through more effective and intentional mailing list segmentation functionality, the integration of Mailchimp into Salesforce gives staff further opportunities to communicate and interact with donors and key stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Where are you taking your tech next?

With training from Traction on Demand, SKETCH staff have been able to create a tailored object to manage our human resources department. We have also been able to further integrate the management of our social enterprise and create new fields to better track our donor stewardship.

Future projects will hopefully include a custom built community to manage our artist roster. This would involve creating a portal the public can access to see the artists who are available for contract work, samples of their art, and a form to submit inquiries.

Through our work with Traction on Demand and the adoption of Salesforce, SKETCH has been able to ensure that our CRM can grow as our organization grows!

SKETCH encourages young people from the ages of 16-29, who are homeless and navigating poverty, to engage in art in various ways.

What do you want people to know about the young adults you serve?

Most of the youth we serve identify as belonging to groups marginalized on the basis of race, sexual orientation, health, housing status and socioeconomic status. Because of this, many face unfair stigma and stereotypes. We want people to know these youth are incredible artists, inspiring creatives, resilient humans and invaluable contributors to the world around them.

We believe the young people creating at SKETCH, despite or perhaps because of their resilience in facing adversity, have immense creative and entrepreneurial potential. We see a movement where marginalized young people are celebrated and engaged as culture-makers, perception-changers and collaborators in building inclusive communities. We believe this movement can happen through a better understanding of the systems and structures that cause marginalization, and through investing in the well-being and capacity-building of these youth.

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