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2016 Wrap Up: May the (Traction)Force be with You

What a year it’s been. From a spontaneous idea to get Tractionites into electric vehicles, to pulling off another great TractionForce event, to pranking our VP of Marketing and Alliances BIG TIME, there was no shortage of adventures and laughs as we expanded our services and reach across the continent.

Here are our top six memorable stories of the year, accompanied by some stats:

Tesla deposit initiative (April)

Days after Tesla Motors CEO and product architect Elon Musk announced the release of the Tesla Model 3, Traction on Demand announced it would cover the cost of the deposit for employees wishing to purchase the electric vehicle. The news made headlines across North America and was talked about at Traction for weeks.

$35,000 USD price tag
$1,000 USD deposit paid by Traction
100% electric

Traction completes Salesforce’s data merge (May)

After Salesforce acquired ExactTarget in 2013, they needed to migrate ExactTarget’s Salesforce environment into Salesforce proper. They engaged Traction late last year for the data migration in what became the second largest project we have ever worked on.

8 flights to San Francisco
7 Tractionites working on the project
7 months

TractionForce 2016 (June)

This year’s iteration of our annual conference was our biggest and best ever. With the theme “Every company is becoming a technology company,” leaders in business took to the stage to share their personal experiences and Tractionites shared their expertise during the roundtable sessions. What followed was an entertaining party and raucous karaoke session to end off the night (in true Traction fashion!).

700+ attendees
100+ Tractionites
15+ roundtable sessions
12 speakers
3 massive sing alongs at the after party
hundreds of servings of poutine

Trifecta of awards (summer)

To be named the best, the fastest and the happiest is a testament to everything that goes on here. This year we were named Best Managed Company finalist by Deloitte, ranked 21st and 177th for the Technology Fast 50 and 500 for fastest growth in Canada and North America respectively, and were recognized as one of the top 10 best places to work in Canada for the third year in a row.

260 employees
42 current job opening
12 people working remotely across North America
4 spin-off apps
3 managers of office happiness
1 office each in Burnaby, Toronto, Montreal and Houston

Breast Prank Ever (December)

Typically, office pranks at Traction are limited to desk make overs; however, while VP of Marketing and Alliances Chris Peacock was away, his black truck was painted bubblegum pink. After the initial shock, he decided to turn the prank into a force for good by raising money for breast cancer research. For every $50 raised, Chris will drive his pink truck around for another day. So far, he will have to keep his truck pink for an entire year with over $21,000 raised, but help us keep him pink for longer! Traction for Good is now matching donations up to $5,000 until December 31st.

16 hours of painting
15 litres of PlastiDip
2 sets of fingers crossed that it would actually peel off like the product said it would
1 gravity feed spray gun
countless high fives

Breast Prank Ever has so far raised enough money to keep Chris in this truck for an entire year!
Breast Prank Ever has so far raised enough money to keep Chris in this truck for an entire year!

Custom platforms gain traction (ongoing)

This was a breakout year for Traction Guest and Traction Rec. Traction Guest quickly emerged as one of the top platforms in visitor management and signed big logos across the globe, including Patagonia, Vice Media and Hyperloop One. Traction Rec, meanwhile, is making noise in the recreation management arena with the backing of Jewish Community Centres (JCCs) and YMCAs all over North America.

12 languages supported by Traction Guest
12 main features of Traction Rec
1 new office floor acquired to house these divisions
unlimited use cases for both platforms

So there you have it – a summary of what went on at Traction on Demand in 2016. Many thanks to our customers, partners, friends and families for your inspiration, motivation and affirmation that we’re doing what we need to be doing.

Best wishes for 2017!

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