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Bandit Tour Diary from the Road: Coos Bay

Although we talk about this trip as “the Bandit Tour”, it’s actually the Bandit Tour for Good, and we want to stretch the meaning of “good” as far as we can. We are on our way to the largest technology conference in the world and, historically, this road trip was a way for us to reduce our carbon footprint by sending everyone down to Dreamforce by car versus plane and engaging with the community and non-profits along the way.

So far we have spent two days working with inspiring non-profits, building greater capacity for them to reach their missions through technology. We have done random acts of kindness in the communities we have visited down the coast – sharing the Bandit story, warm drinks, bike tire tubes and laughs.

Day three of the Bandit Tour was completely dedicated to doing good for the planet. The Coos Bay Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Not only do they organize beach clean-ups, the Coos Bay Chapter also runs free surf camps for kids, educational workshops, and much more.

Bandit Tour for Good Coos Bay Surfrider Foundation
The Bandits make a pit stop in Coos Bay to help clean up debris from the shoreline.


Together with Heather Porter, Chair of the Coos Bay Chapter, and Kelly Wolfe, their Volunteer Coordinator, the entire Bandit team put on their gloves, picked up bags, grabbed tongs and spent the morning cleaning garbage and other debris from the picturesque waterfront of downtown Coos Bay. Locals stopped to thank us for the effort and were truly grateful for this little crew from Canada coming to show their town and beachfront some love.

Bandit Tour for Good Walk in the Woods
A walk in the woods with the South Slough Interpretive Center.

Next, the Bandit caravan continued to the South Slough Interpretive Center near Charleston, Oregon for a purely educational experience. A hike through the forest with two of the center’s Educational Specialists taught the Bandits about estuaries, marshes and swamps, the wildlife that thrive in the area and the trees that protect them. The more you know about the environment around you, the greater your ability to support it positively.

This is when the road tripping really started for the day, driving from Charleston to Eureka, CA. The beauty of the Oregon coast and the frequent bathroom and gas station breaks turned a few hours of driving into a six-hour start-stop circus. We did finally make it!

Åsa Nerelius, People and Culture Specialist at Traction on DemandWritten by Åsa Nerelius, People and Culture Specialist at Traction on Demand

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