As our Paralegal, you will be the right hand person to our CFO and will provide guidance on all core issues relating to legal, regulatory, compliance, advocacy and global government affairs issues throughout the organization.

Traction on Demand’s hiring philosophy is based on culture, intelligence and then skills. Here’s what we mean by that:


Culture at Traction on Demand isn’t about drinking beer and playing ping-pong – it’s much more. We are looking for people who want to join an active community of engaged individuals who see business as more than just a vehicle to make money. We care about our people, wider community and planet.  Come join us on this journey!

Traction is a group of entrepreneurs committed to creating ecstatic clients, doing enjoyable work and being efficient in everything we do.  We fail fast and love to innovate. Change is our middle name.

Our values don’t just sit on a glossy page.  We live them every day.  Our values are the cornerstone of who we are – do they resonate with you?

  • Create connections
  • Do the right thing
  • Seek adventures and smiles
  • Healthy hearts and heads
  • Pursue opportunity
  • Build community


People often ask what it takes to succeed at Traction on Demand – you’ve got to be smart, without having an ego. What does that mean? Imagine working with a group of your smartest friends who all love to learn. Everyone is always pushing each other to grow and innovate at a pace that can only be called furious. We are never idle or stagnant. We seek and share knowledge. We are comfortable with the unknown. We just “git ‘r done.”


Tractionites come from a variety of backgrounds, and we are eager to find people that are from non-traditional backgrounds. Typically, we find that people are successful in this role when they are:


Creative — You are highly creative in your approach. You understand and have a deep respect for ethics and the law, and find creative way to expand potential to create opportunity. You are the person who, in the spirit of justice says “there is always a way” when you “do the right thing”

Relentless — You set your mind on a result and accomplish it no matter the resistance you encounter. In your language “No” is just the boundary where everyone less intelligent and resourceful gives up. The one thing you have a hard time walking away from, is a challenge.

Organized — You are highly organized, detail oriented. You can communicate clearly and concisely to a wide variety of audiences, making complex, detailed, data driven, topics simple. Your previous employers and coworkers describe you as a person who, “when he say it gets done-git’er done, and done well! You are also remarkable at assimilating complex information quickly and are brilliant at asking poignant questions.

Influential — Your business acumen is obvious to everyone who meets you. You are compelling, inspiring, and have a way of making people like you and enlisting them to your cause. Friends or enemies, you have a way of telling stories that compel people to connect, and which bring even your strongest opponents over to your side. You help maintain our relationships with FoTs (Friends Of Traction)

Strategic — You have a remarkable ability to jump between 100ft and 30,000ft and can play in a place of possibility but also see the reality of the situation. You are particularly good at managing your emotions and can tell when surrendering or fighting offers the best value for upside. You know how to use the law to help support advantage and to keep people honest.

Decisive — Analysis with the proper back up are table stakes. Understanding the Industry, understanding the space, understanding the characteristics of an entrepreneurial business, understanding our customers and making strong recommendations to the executive team is a requirement for your success.

Ideally one of some of the following:
• Ideally understands the nature of the professional services and tech industry
• Experience with contract compliance

What You Will Be Doing

• Draft, review, and negotiate a broad range of commercial agreements, including, professional services, consulting services, cloud services and/or nondisclosure agreements, vendors (leasing, construction)
• Interface with various partners in SFDC ecosystem to understand key IP, commercial and finance requirements and ensure commercial contract terms comply with partner and company directives
• Keep abreast of applicable laws, regulations and industry guidance that impact agreements;
• Collaborate and partner effectively with the business, including providing guidance to executives and sales professionals on general issues
• Create, expand and protect Traction’s interest in managing regulatory compliance and mitigating risk
• Deeply involved in defining the “how to” of Traction Ventures and Traction Labs
• Be the first line of defence for all contracts at Traction (identify risk, make recommendations to CFO who will provide guidance)
• A full contract review of all existing contracts and areas of risk that have been accepted- audit of existing contracts
• Monitor current accounts and projects to ensure we are compliant with terms we accepted.
• One off’s check in on those: create a system and invigilate
• Interested in protecting Traction from legal  and reputational risk

 If you’re interested, so are we! Send your resume our way, and we’ll contact you for a phone interview.

At Traction on Demand, we aim to change the world by challenging the traditional consulting model and building community with our clients, partners and neighbours. At our core, we’re about improving the way companies do business by leveraging technology –, technology partners and our own libraries of intellectual property. We are a people-first organization, creating long-term relationships with our clients and growing with them as strategic business partners. Our clients are varied in size, geography and industry, and include some of the world’s largest technology firms. Traction for Good, our community engagement program, and our involvement as one of the first 100 B Corps in Canada are just a couple of the reasons why we have been named to the Best Places to Work in Canada top 10 list for several years running.

We are an equal opportunity employer and love diversity at our company!  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.