Living in a MultiOrg World

We understand that complex enterprise organizations, for many reasons, are currently managing multiple orgs. With this, often comes a number of questions about how to best manage a multi-org environment.

  • How do I forecast and report on data from multiple instances?
  • What is the incremental technical overhead to manage multiple orgs?
  • How do I gain line of sight around account teams, specifically territory and account management?
  • How do I understand the relationship/influence between my B2C and B2B orgs?
  • Should I merge, master or federate my orgs?

We invite you to join Traction on Demand and Salesforce for an exclusive session on untangling the web that is multiple orgs. Hearing from Traction’s CEO and Founder Greg Malpass, data subject matter expert David Jenkins and the supporting group of data technologists, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies for moving forward that resolve the questions listed above.
  • Why Salesforce has trusted Traction on Demand to merge Jigsaw’s org with Salesforce’s Org 62.