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Women in Tech: From France with Love (for Tech)

The pronunciation of Anne-lise Millereux’s last name doesn’t roll off the tongue easily for non-native speakers of French, so she breaks it down by syllable. “Meel-eh-roo. It means ‘thousand – happy,’” says the developer from Dijon, France. And does the positive-sounding name describe her appropriately? “Yeah, mostly,” she laughs. Anne-lise’s interest in tech is all… Read more »

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How to Get Ahead in a Digital World: Learn the Language of Code (Video)

  Daycares offering Mandarin classes for babies. Kumon lessons for children even before kindergarten. There is no shortage of skills parents want their children to learn in order to get ahead in life. But if you really want your child to be competitive in a global market, coding is where it’s at. With more people… Read more »

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Millennials are asking the Right Questions, Companies Need to Find the Answers

  With an average employee age of 32, it’s easy to clump Traction on Demand with other tech companies touting the youthfulness of their workforce. Standing desks! Panini lunches! Roaming dogs! But make no mistake, this isn’t a company that was built for millennials, rather it’s a company that naturally attracts people in this age… Read more »

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2016 Wrap Up: May the (Traction)Force be with You

  What a year it’s been. From a spontaneous idea to get Tractionites into electric vehicles, to pulling off another great TractionForce event, to pranking our VP of Marketing and Alliances BIG TIME, there was no shortage of adventures and laughs as we expanded our services and reach across the continent. Here are our top… Read more »

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