B Corp Assessment: Take the Test and See How You Compare to Other Businesses


From l-r: Michelle Malpass, Traction for Good, Meghan Malkowich, Traction Intern and yours truly.

This is us in May at Vancouver’s first B Corp Leadership Development conference. Won’t you join us in 2017?

It’s the day before the holiday long weekend; what are you really doing at your desk?

We invite you to spend 15-20 minutes on the B Impact Assessment, which will give you an idea of where your company stands in terms of social and environmental impact. After doing the assessment, see how your company compares with other businesses. See Traction on Demand’s B Impact Report here.

For every completed assessment, Traction for Good (Traction’s community engagement program) will donate $100 to B Lab, the governing body of B Corporations, so they can continue to reach out and encourage even more companies to get involved.

Won’t you join us?

At the very least, by doing the assessment you’ll already have some karmic brownie points heading into 2017.